1. snootles

    What Closed Back - Please help

    Hi,   I'm looking for some advice. I need a pair of closed headphones for use in bed as my wife gets disturbed by the bleed of open backs.   My setup is Spotify on Iphone 4s into Pure i-20 into X-Cans v3. I would love to change the X-Cans but don't have the budget right now.   My usual...
  2. Bootleg

    I've gone from zero to off the deep end in less than a week.

    I've been a wannabe audiophile for a few years now, listening almost exclusively to conventional home audio systems. Then it happened: We had a baby. No more late night listening sessions. No more mid-day listening sessions. No more listening sessions period. But a whole lot of "TURN THAT...
  3. snootles

    Spotify and Setup

    HI,   I am not sure if this is the best forum for the question best here goes.   I do most of my listening now at night in bed. Due to convenience my source is either an Iphone 5 or Ipad Air with premium Spotify on extreme setting.    I use a lightning adapter into a Pure i-20 and then...
  4. georgelai57

    Amps for HD600, DT880(250), SR325iS, K550

    Hi guys, I bought a Sennheiser HD600 today on impulse, just after getting a Beyer DT880 250 ohms a week ago. This adds to my collection of Grado SR325iS, ATH-M50, ATH-AD700, AKG K550, etc. My music is predominantly rock, Blues, R&B and are usually from my iMac in Lossless and 320. I have an...
  5. those_stairs

    Recommended tube upgrade for X-can v8, using HD 650??

    (Original tubes: JAN Philips ECG 6922. The right tube is broken.) Should I just get the same ones or are there others that would match my HD 650s better?   Thanks in advance.
  6. milosz

    Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

    I will list here all the amps I tried with my HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones.  (I will update this over the next few days  until I have tried all the amps I can get my hands on )   These headphones want some power and so not every amp will drive them.     Dedicated Headphone Amps...
  7. TontonJoK

    audio taylor jade an upgrade from mf xcan v3 ???

    Hello just like to know if it is worth to replace a musical fidelity xcan v3 for an audio taylor jade If someone know it would be great Thanks with ath w1000x
  8. TontonJoK

    bassy amp for audio technica w1000x

    Hello, i ve been reading a lot of pages to figure out what amp would be great to replace my musical fidelity xcan v3 for audio technica w1000x set up (budget 400 $) I was quite satisfied by the xcan v3 but i think it is getting old (i rolled tubes but still have noise when plugging in and...
  9. metrathon

    HD650 amp: 3 days of reading, no decision yet

    Hi there,   I did a lot of reading lately (great forum btw) but still cannot decide on what amp should I get for my HD650. The biggest decision factors are:   1. I have around $350 to spend. 2. I have sensitive ears, esp to high frequencies and high volume. 3. I like deep, extended...
  10. MatthewK

    Good Tube Amp for Denon D2000/D5000?

    I'm seriously considering a tube amp, but I'm having a difficult time finding one that can properly drive a 25 ohm headphone (D2000/D5000). Any suggestions? Thanks.
  11. JGent

    Headphone options at around £100, also beyerdynamic DT 880 scam on ebay

    Hi Guys   I’m looking to replace my damaged Grado 125's (beyond repair).  From what I read and for my £100 price, a lot of people seem to think the Grado SR80I is about the best bet at this price.  Thing is I liked the Grade’s, but they are not very comfortable, leak sound like crazy but did...
  12. HeyWaj10

    Amp "upgrade" from Sony to X-Canv3...will it make a difference?

    Current setup:   Dell Studio Slim PC -----> uDac2 -------> Sony TA-AX500 integrated amplifier ----> Senn HD595   The sound of this combination is solid, although I feel like I've been experiencing the limitations of the 595s the more I listen, especially with rock/prog metal music.  The...
  13. DjAmTraX

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V8 & V3 Tube Buffer Question

    Does the MF Tube Buffer V3 Power Supply Unit work with my X-Can V8?  I kinda want to get this.
  14. Know Talent

    Coming Soon!!! Cary SLI-80 Signature F1

    After mulling over Eddie Current, SinglePower and RSA models I gave Kevin Deal a call and he persuaded me to consider the Cary SLI-80. We got talking and ended up agreeing that the Signature F1 model was probably the most versatile option as it has a an excellent headphone section and can drive...
  15. vuntruong

    Which headphone amp can be mod ?

    So,  I feel the need to buy an amp, and Mod it by changing caps, etc...So i was wondering which amplifier is best suited for this.  in other words, Which amplifier have low values caps so changing it to Film caps would be reasonable.  etc....   
  16. jsturess

    Is it possible to run more then one unit with an Little Pinkie SE?

    Hi   Just bought a little pinkie SE to run my X-Can V3 and my question is: is it possible to run an additional unit with this power suply, such as an X-Dac V3? Little pinkie has more VA than the MF X-PSU V3 (30VA vs 20VA) and MF X-PSU can run four units. So for example, if I parallel connect...
  17. 0rangutan

    Naim UnitiQute headphone output?

    I have a Naim UnitiQute which I use for my regular 2-channel listening, but have made very limited use of the onboard headphone socket. I understand that onboard headphone outputs are usually quite poor, however it would be good to get the views of any Qute owners on Head-fi about how the Qute...
  18. Eating Pie

    X-Can v3 Noise/Microphonics Free Tubes?

    I have tinnitus and am VERY sensitive to any form of microphonics or noise.   I have the X-CAN V3 stock, and have noticed irritation after use (though no audible noise).  I suspect a very high pitched microphonics issue, as this would explain the tinnitus irritation outside of my hearing...
  19. SK8-BizArrE

    Dopey newbie questions :S

    Just had a pair of Grado SR80i's for xmas after audition a fair few on the build up to the meery break. I know their not the top of the range but hey beggars can't be choosers ;) but I am loving them to bits! Using them mostly (time wise as time is limited) with my Cowon D2 (J3 in a few...
  20. Lazenby

    Starting out: do you get used to the pressure of full sized cans?

    My experience with cans is very limited. For a couple of evenings I had a pair of hd600's running off a musical fidelity x-can v3 and while I generally liked what I heard, I found the sound a little fatiguing, and could not get accustomed to the pressure these cans placed on the skull and...
  21. jsturess

    Headphone amp with Bass punch?

    I am seeking for  a headphone amp to my Sennheiser 650, have been thinking about  Musical Fidelity V3. Are looking for a lot of bass and what I mean with bass is certainly not the same for you? Have built a lot of car audio, resulting in bass fanatic. Can you get this bass punch with this...
  22. fra107

    Burson HA-160 or MF X-Can V3 for my Sennh HD650?

    Somebody tried both?   My actual setup is:   Asus Xonar Essence (Burson Opamps) Audioquest King Cobra cable Musical Fidelity X-can V3 (Diy PSU) Sennheiser HD-650 (Cardas cable)   I would like to upgrade my setup, is the burson better that the X-can v3? Maybe can you suggest...
  23. crashhot

    headphone amps in UK

    as we seem to be suffering somewhat regarding exchange rates at the moment (not to mention a hefty tax if we import), does anybody have any recommendations for this sid of the pond?   I listen to all kinds of music and my headphones are AKG 701's but I am a bit new to this head phone...
  24. madwolfa

    Musical Fidelity X-CAN V3 became loud and bright over years

    Hello,   So here is my story. When I bought it brand new somewhere back in 2003-2004, my volume pot has always been on 34 dB. I had to decrease that to 40 dB over time (maybe my ears adapted?). I've used it with Musical Fidelity X-24K DAC for many years like this with my Sennheiser HD-600...
  25. Musical Fidelity X-Can v3

    Musical Fidelity X-Can v3

    The X-Can v3 is a solid state headphone amplifier with a tube output designed by Musical Fidelity.