1. amphead

    Let's build Krmathis a Beta22!

    Let's Build krmathis a Beta22! So, what is this thread about. Let's show how powerful the DIY community is here on Head-fi. This would be a first, on Head-fi but need not be the last time. Why, Krmathis? Why not. If he is interested, then we would contribute either fabrication time, parts...
  2. Nebby

    Roll Call: Who's building, built, or thinking of building a beta22?

    I've seen more than a few posts about the beta22 pop up recently, so I figure I'm not the only one getting ready to build one Post here if you're thinking of building one, currently building one, or already built one! If you already built one, pics and specs would be handy! I'm planning on...
  3. Rise To The Top

    The Beta 22 Thread

    I though such a great amp deserves its own thread, so I made one. This thread is intened for general discussion of the Beta 22 amp, variations of the Beta 22, pics of your Beta 22, etc. I'll start with what I have to say about the B22. Even though I dont have one yet, I cant wait till I...
  4. cfcubed

    β22 "beta22" 2-channel Headphone Amplifier - Newly Built

    Offered is my second & last new 2-channel stereo β22 headphone amplifier built by me. It uses a σ22 ("sigma 22") power supply, comes complete as shown, works perfectly, is fully tested and adjusted to recommended specifications.  It is biased to the top of the recommended range / deepest class A...
  5. Pustik

    FS: Rockhopper 6-Channel Beta22 Amplifier *Sold*

      For sale is a Rockhopper Audio 6-Channel B22 amp.   I'm replacing my B22 with Stratus. B22 was used with HD 800, terrific sound, great bass, incredible mid's and high's.     Gain: 2 single-ended; 4 balanced 2 x Goldpoin stepped attenuator 1 x 4pin balanced headphone out 2 single-ended...
  6. dannie01

    Beta22 with SIgma22 built by naamanf (220V)

    Up for sale is a very well built 4 channel true balanced headphone amplifier with Twisted Pear "Joshua relay-based stepped atenuator", Beta 22 amp with Sigma 22 dual power supply in perfect working order. It's a combo of headphone, pre-amp and speaker power amplifier. This combo housed in 2...
  7. SoundFreaq

    SOLD: Rockhopper Beta-22 - Flawless - *CLOSE OUT FINAL PRICE*

    SOLD: *New Closeout, final, rock-bottom price.   This is a rare chance to get a gloriously pro-built B22 at the cost of manufacturing.  The Rockhopper build is top-flight in every way.    I did a three-way comparison with this amp, the Eddie Current Zana Deux, and the Cavalli Liquid...
  8. haejuk

    2 Channel Beta22/Sigma22 with 2x Gain

    Hello all.   I am interested in selling my 2 channel Beta22 with Sigma22 power supply.  The asking price is barely more than the cost of parts alone.  This is a 2x gain Beta22 and features a 1/4" Switchcraft TRS jack, ebony volume knob, and Neutrik RCA inputs.  The Sigma22 features a...
  9. Alex_O Rules

    Looking to pay to have my beta22 enclosed...

    I have a beta22 I built that is currently enclosed poorly in a horizontal desktop computer case.  I am looking for a US-based person to properly enclose it for me as I have recently taken on a new position that is highly demanding of my time.  We can negotiate price and details over the phone or PM.
  10. ezzieyguywuf

    beta22 question

    Is it possible to build one that could be used as both a headphone amp and, in the future, as a speaker amp? On the website it says it can be built for either of these tasks, but I'd prefer an all-in-one solution. Maybe a gain switch or something? Or is it just not that simple?
  11. baka1969

    The Woo WA6SE and beta22/sigma22 amps face off. (Review Posted)

    I've had the Woo WA6SE for about 10 weeks now. I've had the b22/s22 amp for about 6 months, however, I sent it out to have it redone, upgraded and had some issues dealt with. Now it's "back and better than ever". I've had the beta in it's current configuration for about a month now. I've...
  12. jazzDESIGNED

    almost finished building my 2-channel AMB Beta22 - would like to get an idea of what to buy

    I envisioned buying a pair of AUDE'ZEs LCD-2 for my AMB Beta22 but am now wondering if it is such a good idea should I perhaps buy something else?    
  13. Dev Avidon

    WTB: fully balanced (4 board) Beta22 or Violectric V181

    Title basically says it all.  Need some top-flight solid state goodness to push my newly acquired K1Ks to their fullest, as I don't think the speaker amps I'm using for it right now are really fully tapping their potential.  I'm open to other possibilities as well, the only hard and fast...
  14. musicmaker

    Beta22 3-channel | Like-New | Premium build

    ******SOLD*****   Back up for sale. Sale was on hold for a few months due to international travel. I'm now back and this is for sale again.   Price reduced to $1099 + paypal fees + shipping...   ~~   Putting up my beautiful looking and sounding B22 for sale. FallenAngel built...
  15. rzy6cn

    [For Sale][Australia, Sydney] Headamp GS-1, Beta22 (b22)

    Headamp GS-1   Bought from Head-fi 7 months ago and used it for around 2-3 months. I'm the second owner. It is a 230V version with silver panel.   Overall in very good condition. Audiogon scale 7/10. Just have a few minor scratches. See pics for detail.   Works perfect without any...
  16. cfcubed

    FS: Balanced only β22 (beta22) w/XLR interconnects

    This 4-channel beta22 w/its separate PS box comes with the XLR interconnects shown OR 4-pin XLR -> 2 x 3-pin XLR output adapter & power cables shown.  Plus actual shipping + insurance which I'd guess is about $40.   I've aimed below the lowest price this sort of thing has gone for.  The price...
  17. cfcubed

    IC: Balanced β22 (beta22) + Buffalo 32S (& optionally 600R DT880s, Onkyo ND-S1)

    Note I've a classified post in Amplifiers with same title... Posting here as it has as source components included as well as the balanced beta22.
  18. mmlogic

    Balanced Beta-22 made in China

    A serious looking amp, wonder how it sounds?   It's still in prototype stage, but should be shipping soon, the price will drop between 5000~6000RMB.   I've been looking for an affordable balanced beta-22, may be this is the answer.    
  19. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $1000-$2000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - KSA5 clone: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the Audeze LCD 2. The winning amp should sound great with the LCD 2 and also have a large following...
  20. killkli

    [PRICE DROP] AMB Beta22 (Dual Mono setup)

    12/29 Price Drop for the end of this year :) Asking for only $750 now.  :)    Up for sale is an AMB Beta22 dual mono headphone amplifier. This unit uses two power transformer & UCC Regulator (see here: ) for power supply. Dual mono design...
  21. setamp

    Upgrade EE Minimax Dac for use with Beta22 / LCD2.1

    I am wondering if there is a clear upgrade from the EE Minimax dac.  I am listening to LCD2-s through a beta 22.  With tube rolling, cables, etc.  I have tamed the upper mids of the minimax to acceptable levels.  I am very sensitive to the frequency range.  I am wondering if it makes sense to...
  22. samsquanch

    Look out, I'm using test equipment! (O2 and Beta22 testing inside)

    Ok, before I start, and because two other threads that discuss the O2 have been locked, I'd like to say let's keep this fun, it's audio, let's enjoy it!  Let's keep arguing about whether or not to do something has merit or not, and if someone is as dumb as tree moss for doing such a thing, to a...
  23. DSlayerZX

    Beta22 build log, initial questions

    I am considering to start working on building a Beta22 for my self.   One of the question I have encounter, and I can't see to find the solution, is how exactly does some of the DIYer mounted their XLR jack.   For example, in the recent for sales thread...
  24. ivanrocks321

    AMB Beta 22 Backplane/board (PRICE DROP)

    This is a great way to keep your beta 22 build neat and saves some time with putting everything together. Price includes shipping to US, but not paypal fees.  
  25. CafeNoir

    Rockhopper Balanced Beta22 + Dual Sigma22 PSU

    For sale is my beloved Balanced AMB B22 headphone amplifier with Dual Sigma22 PSU made by Rockhopper Audio.   This is a piece of art, and probably one of the most beautiful gear I have ever owned. It is also the most transparent amplifier I have ever listened to, but I simply cannot afford...