1. sygyzy

    Best Solid State (SS) desktop amp under $350

    Hi,   What are the current players in the solid state desktop amp market? It seemed like before there were more SS choices. Besides the Schiit Asgard ($250), what other choices are there?   How does the Asgard rank compared the M^3, PPA, PPA2, Beta 22, etc?   Thanks.
  2. Solude

    Audeze LCD-2 Rev2, Audeze LCD-3 RMA and Sennheiser HD800 compared...

    Similar to the amp thread, I'll be running each through its paces with the goal of being left with one at the end.   My original LCD-2 v LCD-3 notes can be found in that thread but were from when this pair had mismatched drivers so... let's start fresh.  My LCD-3 RMA are back from repair...
  3. spiderking31

    do u need to play headphones to break in tubes?

    Wanted to know if I can break in my driver tubes, just by leaving the amp on...or do I need music to play through my headphones to break in the tubes....please let me know..... Spiderking31:)
  4. rattesp

    SPL Auditor vs B22 for T1

    I really enjoy my 3-channel B22 with the T1. The problem is my girlfriend doesn't appreciate the presence of the 2 chassis B22 in our bedroom ! I've read that the Auditor is a great match for the T1 so I was thinking it could replace my B22. Has anyone compared both amps with the T1.   Thank...
  5. milosz

    Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

    I will list here all the amps I tried with my HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones.  (I will update this over the next few days  until I have tried all the amps I can get my hands on )   These headphones want some power and so not every amp will drive them.     Dedicated Headphone Amps...
  6. wired

    Recommend a Woo amp for HD650

    Want to get a nice amp for my HD650. I'm looking at the Woo Audio WA6-SE or WA2. Which will be better for the HD 650? I am also going to use this amp for future headphone purchase (either the LCD-2 or LCD-3). Thanks.
  7. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  8. Hun7er

    Headphone and amp upgrade

    Hello everybody,   Currently my rig is based on a Stax system with a Audio GD19DSP + SRM007t + SR507.   My opinion is the same as DavidMahler on SR507. There several negative point about SR507 : -small soundstage -lack impact and body   Positive point : -liquidity -detailed...
  9. TimBlanchard

    Asgard vs. Lyr

    Hi    At present, I am running the he-400 off the audioengine D1 amp/dac.   I have a few quick  questions:   1. Is the Lyr worth the extra money over the Asgard, i've heard good things about both? Are tube amps difficult to run/dangerous etc?   2. Lastly, assume I purchase the...
  10. Hun7er

    Amps recommandation for HE800

    Hello everybody,   I'm going to buy a Sennheiser HD800 and probably a Audeze LCD 2.   I want to know what amp can fit the best with HD800 and others cans like LCD 2, HE6.   I have read numerous topics and several amp win suffrage :   WA22 seems to be a bit too tubey sound DNA...
  11. AMB Labs Beta22

    AMB Labs Beta22

    From AMB Labs Website: β22 ("beta 22") is a high-end, reference-quality DIY stereo amplifier for dynamic headphones. It could also be built as a power amplifier for speakers (18Wrms into 8Ω unbalanced, or 50Wrms into 8Ω fully-balanced), or as a preamplifier. The all-discrete (no integrated...