1. bareyb

    Most POWERFUL DAC/Amp all-in-one?

    Looking for the most powerful DAC/Amp "all-in-one". Any suggestions? So far it's looking like the Burson Conductor but that bad boy costs $1,850.00.... Hopefully something as powerful but not as expensive? Under $1200.00? 
  2. TooPoor

    Audio-GD 10.33

     So I searched and didn't find anything on this AMP/DAC combo from Audio-GD. I decided to pull the trigger on one to pair with my HE-560 due to it's balanced output ratings and warmer Wolfson chip(s). On paper, it seems perfect for the HE-560. I fear the ES9018 will be too clinical/cold combined...
  3. InternetSandman

    Is it worth saving up for a balanced amp?

    I currently use a Xonar STX to drive my Sennheiser HD 650's from my computer, but I'm considering upgrading to a dedicated amp and DAC setup, and the Schiit products in particular caught my eye. I'm trying to decide if I want the Bifrost/Asgard 2 combo, or if I should wait a few months and save...
  4. chunkfnk

    Audio-gd NFB 3.1 or Schiit Bifrost?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a set of AKG k701 and the Schiit Lyr to go along with it. I was wondering which DAC would go well with that combo?
  5. nicholars

    Grant fidelity tube-dac 11 VS Audio-Gd NFB 3.2

    Which of these is the best SQ for the money?
  6. zakazak

    Audio-GD NFB 12.1 driver prevents windows from sleep/shut down?

    Hey there, since I got my NFB 12.1 it looks like it prevents my Windows 7 x64 Prof. from going to sleep or shutting down. If I use windows the whole day without powering on the NFB 12.1 then sleep/shut down works fine. As soon as I once power the NFB 12.1 on (even if I power it off afterwards)...
  7. Calcetinnn

    Can an audio-gd NFB10.2 power a pair of Paradigm Atom speakers?

    Hi Head-fi, this is my first post :D. I have been reading this amazing forum for a while but this is my first time asking something. So, I want a pair of speakers, and I have and audio-gd NFB10.2. I want to know if I can connect a pair of Paradigm Atoms to this amp or maybe is a better idea get...
  8. buson160man

    how does the audio-gd nfb10.32 compare to the audio-gd nfb 11.32 sonically and otherwise?

     I have been thinking about upgrading my desk top computer sound system.I do not use my computer for listening to music but I do like to use my computer to watch netflix and dvds.I presently am using the non-descript computer speakers that came with my computer and would like to upgrade the...

    Best DAC/AMP Combo on the market?

    USB as the source from my computer. Needs to be able to power HE-400 Cans and have an RCA/XLR out so I can run some powered monitors.   Can spend up to $500.
  10. ilikepooters

    Hifiman HE5-LE Amp conundrum.

    Currently using a Maverick D1 DAC/Amp to power these beasties, the output power of the amp is 1 watt.   Now the headphones sound brilliant to me, can be driven nice and loud, and no bass clipping at all unless i EQ the bass up, without EQ they are noticably bass light.   People say these...
  11. daniel521

    HE-400 + Lyr vs LCD-2 Rev. 2?

    I've heard many people say the HE-400 was fantastic with the Lyr and Bifrost, that it was a different beast. However, the Lyr+Bifrost is a 900 dollar setup which is pretty damn expensive. The HE-400 + Lyr+ Bifrost will cost 1300 dollars, and with that money I could get a hi-fi setup. Since it...
  12. ohhgourami

    Advice on down-sizing

    Hey everyone.   I have to move back out to uni and after the last move-out, I really don't want to bring so much stuff with me. I mainly don't want to bring my speaker amp which means my HE-6 isn't going to sound as nice. My DAC is sorta big ( not nearly as big and heavy as my amp), and I...
  13. dimsumlee

    $2000 Setup. Help me complete it!

    Just got a sweet new computer and I'd like to do some music production. I've decided upon Senn HD600s for cans, KRK Rokit 6's/8's (or maybe even VXT 4's) for monitors, and Ableton. Now I just need help selecting an interface. My main concern is losing sound quality/fidelity using an audio...
  14. lawlz

    <$600 AMP/DAC for the Sennheiser HD800's

    Hey all, I am planning to get the HD800's in a couple weeks and obviously, I can't drive them to any sort of decent level without a decent amp nor will anything sound great without a DAC.    I've mainly dabbled in portable audio so most of gear consists of IEMs, portable amps, LODs, etc. so...
  15. kskwerl

    People using the Audio-gd NFB-10.2

    Are people that use the Audio-gd NFB-10.2 using the internal DAC or pairing it with another Audio-gd DAC?   I'm considering this but wanted to get some impressions first. 
  16. iim7V7IM7

    Suggestion Please: DAC/Headphone Amp that has XLR outs for Active Monitors?

    Hi,   I own AKG K702s and I am thinking of purchasing Neumann KH 120 active monitors to use with my new iMac.  What integrated DAC/Headphone amps would you recommend to:   - Have a USB in from the iMac - Headphone out to drive 62 ohm AKG k 702s - Has XLR outs to connect to the KH...
  17. thatguy1

    audio interface or DAC

    Hi, I was wondering what audio interfaces or DAC's is the best investment around 500 usd. I will be using it with the lcd 2 r2 for producing music. I was thinking of Benchmark DAC1 but after some thought I thought it was a little too expensive, any recommendations?
  18. roflino

    NFB-10.2, what to expect?

    hello, i'm seriously considering getting an audio-gd NFB-10.2 for my HD 600's. since is quite an investment for me could you give me an opinion on how much will the dac/amp improve the sound over straight computer line out, provided that i play only flacs. like 1-5% or more? also where can i get...
  19. saffyg

    Nuforce uDAC2 for Hifiman He-500 and Schiit Lyr

    I was looking into purchasing the Hifiman HE-500 and Schiit Lyr. I already own a Sennheiser HD598 and NuForce uDAC2. Is the uDac-2 a good enough DAC for my headphone and combination or should I be looking into purchasing something higher end?
  20. danielhfchung

    HE-500 vs HD650 with different budget setup

    hi guys is this my very first post on head if and i would like to get some solid response to help decide with which combo to go.  Well currently I'm starting this build with zero  I need headphone, amp, dac, maybe some balanced cable if i choose that route.  I'm located in Hong Kong...
  21. Utopia

    Amp upgrade for AH-D5000

    Long time lurker and very recent member here. My current rig consists of the Xonar Essence ST, Matrix M-Stage, and Denon AH-D5000, a combination I got after extensive head-fi reading and have been very happy with.    Still I've got the feeling that the D5000 could use both a better amp and...
  22. sstan

    Yulong d100 II vs GF Tube DAC-11 vs Audio-GD NFB 10.2 vs Schiit bifrost

    Hello everyone, please help to chose. I need DAC+amp\combine with asynchronous USB and cant make a decision between several DAC’s: New yulong d100 II combine, with USB, but  only 24\96  450$  GF Tube DAС-11 also all in...
  23. milosz

    Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

    I will list here all the amps I tried with my HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones.  (I will update this over the next few days  until I have tried all the amps I can get my hands on )   These headphones want some power and so not every amp will drive them.     Dedicated Headphone Amps...
  24. antonyfirst

    Review: Audio-gd NFB-9.2 DAC

      This is my reiew of Audio-gd NFB-9.2. After having sold my modded Museatex Bitstream, I have been in search for the perfect dac (or a more perfect dac), which could replace it for its believable tonality, its wonderful sense of colour and reality given to instruments, possibly offering...
  25. ursdiego

    TE8802 (asynchronous DACs) on Linux and Squeezebox Touch supported? (With Triode's App for the SBT?)

    Hello! I am about to upgrade my Reference 9 with the TE8802 - Chip - upgrade. That will make it support asynchronous USB. My main intention is, to connect the DAC by USB to the squeezebox touch SBT. This would potentially be an enhancement in audio quality. At least I hope so...