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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. MiRaCL
    I was using a mojo as well up until recently. Bought a questyle cma-400i and in my ears this is a perfect match for the lcd-2's. Still using the mojo when I'm not at home.
  2. viveksaikia22
    Chord Mojo is quite a capable amp in itself. I preferred it over Jotunheim. Mojo has more finesse in the top end. The Mojo DAC is really nice with almost warm sound but with great detail. The V200 really pairs well with Mojo, giving the LCD some additional power for a more controlled bass. The LCD2.2 works quite well with lower powered amps as well but with the additional power, the sound just transforms to another level.
  3. AlexKalopsia
    Are there decent headphones amps that are around 200-300$ and that don't look horrible? (yes, I do care also about the looks :frowning2: )
  4. evolutiontheory
    Button fun vivid and little dot mk2 worked well for me on LCD2C
  5. LightBlue77
    why should you care about the looks? :)
    ifi micro ican (or micro idsd with dac) looks nice and is porta...transportable.
    burson soloist also.
    these are devices i had, drive very well the lcds and are within your budget.
  6. AlexKalopsia
    Well, it's more like I have my sound system in my living room nice and tidy in black finish, and I want simple shapes and looks. Many of the ones I see are silver. Thanks for the tips so far though!
  7. LightBlue77
    break the pattern, it's boring :)
  8. seldenr
    Regarding your request for decent amp plus good looks, I understand! If you are a big tube fan like me, (loved my Woo WA6-SE and regret selling it!), and want to stay around $200, you might look at this: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/little...ontent=1553600504083.115956759934194043189282 . I've not tried one, but read about them over the years. With a tube input stage and SS output, it has high power, and at least in my opinion, a nice looking amp.

    Hope that helps!
    AlexKalopsia likes this.
  9. AlexKalopsia
    That looks very interesting, unfortunately I'd have to pay quite some taxes to get it to EU :frowning2: But thanks for the tip, it does look very nice!
  10. spookanide
    Just look the littledot up on ebay. You can also consider the Schiit Asgard:

    I don't own one but I hear it pairs well with the LCD2 if you're looking for just a touch of warmth, or rather not losing the LCD2s character.

    Agreed 100%. I used the ican SE for a while at home and wanted a signature more in between the bass switch and not so overwhelming.
    I traded in my HE400i and ican SE for a questyle CMA400i to power the LCD2 and it's been a regret since. I did audition the combo on a different pair of LCD2, but at that point I wasn't spoiled yet by the iCan SE pairing I used at home for a while with my LCD2f 2016.

    I'm currently eyeballing the schiit asgard and violectric v200. Any ideas if these will cut what I'm looking for?
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
  11. Lohb
  12. spookanide
    I didn't get that impression on mine, but there was some grain to it from what I remember that I don't see as a positive. I just got spoiled by the low end as I often used one bass tick on the amp, but I'd rather have a less overwhelming signature. I currently quite like the littledotmk2 that I do still have, so that's where the potential upgrade to a violectric V200 comes in.
  13. Lohb
    Yep, slight graininess as well. Wonder if anyone paired the Emotiva BasX A-100 amp with Audeze cans, its SE front output is the same as the speaker output watts if you adjust it inside...crazy amout of power more matched to old school LCD-2.1 and HFM HE-6 !!
  14. Amish
    Over the years I have bought and sold multiple headphone amps and even though I don't own this any longer I still say that the Garage1217 Ember II is one of the nicest and most powerful little amps for the LCD2. The Ember is so good that I bought it twice. I sold both though to make room for other amps but whenever i pull out the LCD2 for a listen; I think back to the Ember and miss it.

    Another amp i sold (to a member here I think) was a Bryston BHA-1 and it too was a great amp for the LCD2. Preferring tubes though I sold the Bryston. I have a couple of custom made amps that work well with the LCD's but no sense in posting them since you can't buy 'em. The Garage1217 Polaris (which i still own and use) is yet another great (small) SS amp that works wonderful with the LCD2.
  15. Lohb
    Did you ever try Project Sunrise 3..? I think a couple people recommended that one for LCD to me over Ember 2.
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