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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. newaudio46
    At the moment my budge has been spent.I do appreciate that a more powerful amp would be better but I needed a more portable option and the mojo was the best I could find for the price point.

    I’m just hoping that it will sound better out of the mojo than the denon. Is that a strong possibility?
  2. evolutiontheory
    Anyone tried LCD2C with Fiio Q5? Not all that impressive to me. Thinking about buying AM5 module at this point. Suggestions?
  3. evolutiontheory
    Did you consider Fiio Q5? I am in the same boat; looks like AM5 module can drive LCD2s but then again you are dealing with new cables etc.
  4. newaudio46
    When I get the cable I will report back and let you know. I did, but I decided to go with the mojo.

    My denon sounds ok but it’s quite base heavy, I don’t know if it’s the am
  5. gLer
    If it’s portability you need, the ifi Micro iDSD BL has much more power and (many say) sounds better than the Mojo. It also costs about the same.
  6. newaudio46
    I had a look and it was £600. I got the mojo for £280 open box. The other was out of my price range at the time
  7. LightBlue77
    That ifi is not portable, it is too big.
  8. ucan
    Well, I don't really use my LCD-2's in the true portable sense...I go somewhere in my house, sit on a comfy chair, plug my ifi ICAN SE into the wall nearby. I don't find open-backed headphones to be 'portable' anyway unless I am going somewhere really quiet: the woods, maybe, the backyard too. For the most part, as long as I can use a DAP and a plug-in HP amp, I am happy. I could take my laptop and sit in that same chair in my home, and get the same experience, but the laptop is simply too much of a distraction. So, no, for me it is 100% portable DAP + plug-in amp + open-back headphones in the one environment where I do most of my listening: my home.
  9. newaudio46
    So I got my cable for my I phone. is a big improvement over my denon. Does anyone know why this is as the denon must be sending out more power than the mojo? Or is it more to do with the dac?

    When I can I will get down to an av shop and test out a desktop amp but that might not be the best idea because I can’t afford one and if the quality is better I will want it
  10. gLer
    AVR's like the Denon usually have poor headphone-out circuits with very high impedance, which causes all sorts of wonky sound especially in the bass region. It's not a matter of power but rather high impedance and noise in the circuit. A desktop amp will definitely sound better with the LCDs, so go easy...
  11. newaudio46
    To be honest, I think it sounded better out of the i phone than the denon, but with the mojo it sounds more open, less base more separation and wider soundstage.
  12. newaudio46
    Any recommendations for an amp to go with my chord mojo and lcd2. After a good few hours of listening, I’m coming to the conclusion that it might not have enough power. I know it has been said before. I don’t t know if it’s the head phones or the tracks themselves, but on some tracks I find I can dectect some slight distortion on vocals or when multiple instruments are being played at once. And also on some tracks they don’t seem as open as others
  13. paruchuribros
    I do use Audeze Deckard with it and l love the audio nirvana with the combo
  14. newaudio46
    I’m in the U.K. and I can’t see any for sale, do you know how much they retail for and also why are they so good the the lcd2?

    I do love the headphone overall but i think I could get s bit more out of them, it could be how some of the tracks are mastered rather that the mojo 100%.
  15. viveksaikia22
    Just checking if you have found an amp for your Mojo + LCD2 combo?
    I have a Mojo and I will be receiving an LCD2 soon. I may soon end up in your position and my amp hunt may start soon.
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