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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. xrk971
    A simple two transistor Single Ended Class A amp that fits in your pocket can drive the LCD-2 very nicely. See here:


    This amp is available as a DIY PCB group buy or you can get it pre-populated. The sound of a SE Class A amp is very special. Here you get the SE Class A tube like sound without the tube.

  2. WayTooCrazy
    The Cambridge DacMagic XS that I lost (and is now found) also powers the LCD-2F to loud levels. I don't know how dynamic the headphone will be, but I can check that later (after charging my phone)...
  3. martinrajdl
    @WayTooCrazy Hi, sooo how is your Mojo ? still buzzing or did you manage to get rid of the issue?
  4. WayTooCrazy
    It still does "whine", but it is less than it used to be. Still an annoyance considering the cost of the unit, but it isn't the end of the world. It does typically go "away" once you power on the device. I'm still in deciding phase, as I still think the Deckard match is better at "desk side" listening with LCD-2F. Now that I've located my DacMagic XS... I'm wondering if this $120 device is "good enough" for portable listening with the LCD-2F that I can safely return the Mojo and get another headphone instead? Will continue testing. 
  5. martinrajdl
    Damn, that is really disappointing, I was already somewhat decided that I will go with Mojo, but this made me reconsider and I again have no idea what I will end up getting. I tend to be super obsessed about little annoyances like this so that's probably a no go for me. 
  6. WayTooCrazy
    I'm keeping it. I don't intend to keep it running or plugged in all the time at my desk, as I will keep the Deckard there. It does sound better with better instrument separation than the Cambridge or my LG V20... so, there is always that. I don't think I'll return it, as I think the Hugo 2 is too much for me. I want to work on my 2 channel setup and stop with the headphones pretty much.
    What about an iFi iDSD Micro BL or something?
  7. martinrajdl
    I haven't really heard a lot about the iFi products, but I might check them out. My top pick at the moment is probably the Jot. I am also considering Corda Classic and Jazz and NFB-11. 
    I think the Jot might be the best bang for the buck and I think that the general opinion is that it might be a good pairing with the LCD2, but it hasn't been available for the longest time on schiit eu and now that it is, I am not really that sure about it, oh decisions....
  8. WayTooCrazy
    Get it... utilize their return window if you don't like the pairing.
  9. paruchuribros
    How is the mojo overall quality compared to AUDEZ'E Deckard?
  10. WayTooCrazy
    The Mojo has a very clean presentation. It would be like a nice SS amp. The Deckard is like a very nice Tube amp. Where the LCD-2F comes in, the Deckard handles the LCD a bit better and synergizes a little better with it. It all depends on your taste and where you intend to use them. If I could only have one, and it was mainly for deskside listening, I would go with the Deckard. 
  11. Fastnbulbous
    It sounded really nice with my Meier Corda Classic/Daccord. I'm selling it BTW (see my sig).
  12. Sam Quentin
    Today i got my Burson Soloist SL MKII for the Audeze LCD-2F.
    I ordered directly from Australia to Germany, took about a week.
    As far as i can say from first listening...i am impressed [​IMG]
    Had a Marantz HD-DAC1 before, connected via USB and used the Marantz DAC.
    Now i go from Auralic Aries Mini's DAC via analog out to the Burson.
    Much wider Soundstage, better seperation and a very clean and dynamic Sound.
    After a long time of "try and error" with crap like usb conditioners, different DAC's and Amps, i think i reached the goal.
    The Music now with the Burson sounds just right.
    I thought about getting a Burson Conductor, but now i am glad i decided to go for the little brother.
    The Power it delivers is more than enough to drive the LCD-2.
    On High-Gain there is no need the Volume getting past 10 o'clock.
  13. Craftyman
    Currently have a Magni/Modi 1 powering my brand new LCD-2F. Needless to say it's not enough :). Picking up a Lyr 2 next week for sure!
  14. Ashah
    You will be happy with a Lyr 2 although tube rolling is an expensive hobby , I was lucky to have a lyr 2 for two months during Christmas season thanks to Amazon's generous return Policy , in the end I decided to keep keep the Audeze Deckard that I got from audeze  during their November sale.- Love the amplifier with the LCD 2 , I am thinking of picking up a Mjr2 for its balanced output and to use it as a preamp in my main system. which is in my living room 
  15. ahmadfaizadnan
    have anyone paired the lcd2 with liquid carbon?
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