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AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jon l, Jun 15, 2007.
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  1. larcenasb
    For the Sextett’s 45th anniversary next year, AKG should reintroduce it... in honor of its inventor, and co-founder of the company, Dr. Goerike.

    Bring it back as the “AKG K240 Heritage” ...made with premium materials/metals, a large Kevlar diaphragm and matching radiators, thick angled earpads, removable balanced cable, rated at 600 Ohms, diffuse-field equalized, hand-assembled in-house in Austria, accented once again with the polished silver badges, and of course with the iconic holes in the headband... I know... keep dreaming, right?

    For context (this isn’t just a random daydream), I purchased Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pros a few months ago and just can’t live with their sound. Most reviewers say the only negative is a slightly recessed midrange that doesn’t matter too much... Well, clearly these people haven’t heard the Sextett. In direct comparison, vocals sound uninvolved, uninspired, less live, and less “humanized,” as AKG used to describe their house sound. There’s an immediacy to the midrange with the Sextett, as if nothing is in the way. Whereas the Beyer makes vocalists seem like they pushed their mikes back a couple feet. However, there is a technical refinement with the Beyer, to be fair...by way of clearer separation, deeper bass, and sharper clarity. But I’d take the AKG every time for its realism and effortlessness...

    This made me dream of the “AKG K240 Heritage” as a direct competitor to the Beyer DT 1990 Pro today... I wish they would make this kind of statement and reclaim their company’s prestige, but “they” are Harman and no longer AKG :frowning2:
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  2. Cruelhand Luke
    I like the idea.....I mean, If Grado can put out a multitude of 'special editions' and charge a premium for them, I see no reason why AKG can't do something similar with the Sextett.
    Drop would be a perfect partner for this, because AKG can be assured that every single numbered/limited edition it makes will be sold before they take the risk of making a single unit.
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  3. larcenasb
    You're being more rational than me, Cruelhand Luke. Since AKG have teamed up with Drop before, relegating the work to Drop does seem more reasonable to do than closing down their China and Slovenia factories to make in-house in Austria once again (as I wish for). But Drop and AKG did make the M220 already. So, it seems unlikely they'd bring back the old Sextett technology and refine it with an updated design and premium materials...when they have these easy-to-make, cheaper models to spew out...

    I did just learn about Austrian Audio (https://austrian.audio/), which I had no idea existed up to today. It's almost exclusively made up of former AKG employees focused on their old company's lost prestige and quality. Austrian Audio designs and manufactures in Austria. And we also have AKG K1000 designer, Heinz Renner, making LB Acoustics (https://mysphere.at/shop/) and the MySphere headphones. So, I'm glad these employees are still out there, and believe strong enough in what made AKG so esteemed (pre-Harman buy out) to try and continue the legacy.

    At the moment, however, vintage AKGs are great since they often can be had for good deals on eBay. But in the future... it's nice to know I can check out what some of these innovators have cooked up in the 21st century. Just might have to start pinching pennies for Mysphere headphones and a Bottlehead Mainline amp :)
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  4. Mshenay
    Yea I'd like to see the Austrian Audio team launch a K240 Heritage! Modern AKG would sadly miss the mark so to speak
  5. larcenasb
    I emailed Austrian Audio about bringing back the K240 Sextett in a premium build...and here--within hours--was the response:

    "Der Mr. Lowell!

    Many thanks for your kind contribution!

    It brings up sweet memories…..!

    I can’t promise that we’ll do something similar, but I’ll definitely bring up your idea when we do some product planning meetings next.

    I wish you all the best, with kind regards,

    Walter Rührig

    Austrian Audio"

    So...the seed is planted... :)

    P.S. I emailed the same thing to AKG/Harman and have yet to hear back (6 days later).

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  6. Mshenay
    Well yea Harman doesn't care lol, maybe if enough of us reach out to the Austrian Audio guys they'll give it a more serious consideration

    Maybe just call it the "Monitor - Heritage" I imagine they can't reuse the AKG Naming with the change over
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  7. larcenasb
    The "Monitor Heritage" by Austrian Audio... Whoa, that gave me chills! Yes, please email them and echo this!!

    To all lovers of the K240 Sextett, please do the same! Let's let Austrian Audio know how much we--along with the professional and audiophile markets--would stop and revel at a premium, made in Austria Sextett model rising from the ashes. Here's their email: sayhello@austrianaudio.com
  8. sorinv
    How about if we all go to drop and request the sextett? Maybe they will reach through their channels to AKG to bring it back, if they see enough demand:
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  9. dezafinado
    Harman International was bought by Samsung... a company of a company of a company.
  10. Monsterzero
    Done and done.

    It seems Austrian Audio is focusing on easy to drive headphones,so im not holding my breath that even if they did re-issue a Sextett,that it would compare to the original. Sennheiser recently released a headphone based on the legendary HD250,and it came out like garbage.
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  11. MrPanda
    I just signed up for their newsletter and asked them for "revisits" of the Sextet and the K340. Hoping for great things from Austrian Audio.
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  12. Tshiknn
    Just got a LP Sextett. Took me a little while to "get used to it," but now I'm a big fan of the mids for more aggressive / "raw" music - they have a lot more impact than my other headphones. But the treble is almost unbearably grainy. Right now I'm dealing with the peaks via EQ, and it does a certain amount, but it certainly doesn't eliminate the grain. I know amping can make a difference here, and I'm sure I could be amping them better (running them through a LD MKII right now, when I'm not using a receiver), but I don't have the money right now to invest in that. But I've also heard that earpads can make a difference, especially if they're somewhat degraded. I think this one still has the original pads. Has anyone else found the treble to get less grainy when using certain pads, and if so, which pads were they?
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  13. Monsterzero
    Are you experiencing grain with the receiver as well? What receiver are you using?
    The Sextett is the only high impedance headphone ive ever heard where I prefer solid state amping over tubes,so it doesnt shock me that the LD isnt up to the task.
  14. kid vic
    Try the Dekoni pads for beyerdynamic available on drop right now. I will preface this by saying I haven't tried these pads myself, however, I use the Fenestrated TH900 pads on my HE-500 and TH600 and for both headphones it relaxed the treble enough without sacrificing detail while evening out the whole frequency response. It won't drastically change the signature but it will take enough of the edge off. YMMV

    Agreed, they prefer solid state amps that lean towards warm or a softer treble. The Sextetts are brilliant for aligning turntable cartridges because of that raw treble and midrange.
  15. Baycode
    You can feel its grainy because of the flattened stock pleather earpads. When I first listened to the them I feel similarly... (mine are MP version by the way). I immediately tried a huge collection of earpads and I got best results with Brainwavz angled memoryfoam velour earpads. Now Sextett is one of the best headphones in my collection. No sibilance at all, just great quality highs... Angled earpads added holographic (3D) soundstage as a bonus :k701smile:

    YMMW with the LP version but give it a try :wave:

    (Sextett is on the top with Brainwavz angled velour earpads)
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