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AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jon l, Jun 15, 2007.
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  1. Monsterzero
    No clue. The badge is faked. Sextetts never actually said "sextetts" on the badge,although it did say it on the original box.
    The headband is solid,which means if it is a sextett its an LP,which has the least bass of of the three sextetts produced.
    Hope it turns out well for you,and hope you have an amp up to the task.
  2. SHAMuuu
    They are listed as LP\s and in the description it is mentioned they were "custom -made" badges, which probably cost like $5-$10. I think they look pretty cool.
    When I had them they camed with a felt donut ring, perhaps why i didn't find them bass light, and quite warm.The radiators are passive and are they for inner reflections so covering them does nothing, or so i assume :p. It was like 1-2mm thick felt, i don't think very transparent.

    Also I had tried both 770v/vb (ones found on dt770) (not the 990v found on dt880/990) beyerrdynamic pads as well as shure 1540 pads. And for ME, the shures worked. I really liked them, and the 770vb. Did not like stock pads.
    They have 240 sheepskin pads on amazon should one wish for those. Hm5 is too thick IMO

    These both did not get a bid last round as there are 2 and chances are good you will get it for 67 which would be pretty damn good.
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  3. kid vic
    My LP's have the older headband with holes so that rule isn't ironclad.
  4. Monsterzero
    No,I get that. My LP has holes as well,but they never put the solid headband on the EP or MP,so any solid headband Sextett you see is an LP.
    If your sextett has holes in the headband the only way to know which version is the color of the radiators.
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  5. MtnMan307
    The Lyr 3 puts out 450 mW per channel at 600 ohms. It should deliver plenty of power from what I've read.
  6. stanleycho
    Guys, I also have k250, the closed-back version of k240 series. Sounds refined, not like a closed-back. If you like the transducer of k240, you may try k140, which uses the same driver.
  7. stanleycho
    They never put solid headband on other versions of EP. For French version, k242, Idk.
    However, MP will be a mass, which means there are many different appearance types including headbands. They did, but very varely, put grills lying parallel to the direction of the headband, whereas most at 45 degrees to it.
    LP rarely comes with holes on the headbands since most materials had used up.
  8. MtnMan307
    Mine are supposed to show up on May 6. Today though, I am hoping to be home when my ZMF Aeolus get here. Excited to hear both.
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  9. MtnMan307
    The K240 Sextetts just got here today. They're in pretty good shape for as old as they are.

    I plugged them into my Lyr 3 on high gain. It drives them pretty effortlessly at about 25% volume, a pretty good listening level.

    My first impression is...holy crap! They sound absolutely incredible for the $67.99 I paid for them on eBay!
  10. MtnMan307
    They are indeed the Sextett version of the K240.
  11. seanc6441
    Is there any consensus on the best replacement pads for an LP sextett?

    Is there are cheap alternatives on ebay/aliexpress that will sound good?

    I have k550 pads which kind of work but don't have original pads to make a comparison so I'll ask here what pads should I buy for these?
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  12. larcenasb
    Hi seanc6441,

    I've tried Brainwavz pleather pads, as well as their hybrid pads, on my K240 Sextetts. In my experience, I felt the stock AKG pads didn't provide a good seal, so bass presence was lacking. On the flipside, the Brainwavz pleather pads provided such a good seal that there was actually suction created when putting the headphones on, but bass was murkying the midrange. For me, the hybrid pads are perfect: there's a good seal without the suction effect, and bass is solid without intruding where it doesn't belong. The perforations on the inner part of the earpads seem to help keep the bass in control as well. Another plus is that the Brainwavz pads allow space between my ears and the driver grills, whereas the stock pads made my ears touch the grills... So, that made long listening sessions as comfortable as first putting them on, and the spatiality of the sound is wider and more open compared to the stock pads. Hope this helps, and happy listening!
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  13. Baycode
    I have tested nearly whole Brainwavz line erapads when (and after) I write a review for Brainwavz and I get best results with their Velour Angled Memoryfoam Earpads for my MP Sextett (please note not LP). Hope this info helps...

    (----On this LINK you will see some of their earpads with a review but you'll not see Sextett -because I have tried the earpads for Sextett later (As I remember I didn't have Sextett when I write the review). And I have received another set of erpads after the review as well so I have tested nearly all the HM5 line of earpads (except the later real leather ones).

    ----On this LINK you can see the Sextett with Velour Angled Memoryfoam Earpads (along with Hybrid Memoryfoam Earpds attached to a K340).
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2019
  14. 477621
    Did you end up buying anything? I have some spares kicking about if you want to experiment?

    I have some memory foam sheepskin which I keep going back to and new genuine AKG ones. I just sold my MP and K340 so have more pads than my LP needs and had multiples of each. Let me know and I will check the spares box. I seem to have settled on what I like just now.

    The sheepskin pads are linked in my post here.

    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
  15. Cruelhand Luke
    I picked up a couple of Sextett recentl, plus the AKG HP4E amp you see down below. The one on the left is an MP and the one on the right is an LP...
    If the headband on the LP looks odd it's because I swapped it out.
    The LP headband was kind of deformed and lumpy so I removed it and took it to my local leather shop to have a custom strap made...turns out they are busier than usual (I think there is a RenFair happening locally, so they are swamped, go figure) and it's going to be a couple of weeks before he can get it done. I want to listen to them in the meantime and I happened to have a set of the Monoprice Modern Retro which is one of the many clones/copies of the K240, so I swapped the parts over.
    I don't know if this has been mentioned in the thread, (I just started reading it...83 pages takes a little time to digest y'all!) but if you have a Sextett and the hardware is broken, or if the elastics are shot out (as it was on one of my sets) the parts from the Retros are the same, everything fits.
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2019
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