1. LingLing1337

    AKG K240DF quick first impressions... Now with pics!

    If anyone read the October 3rd Omaha meet impressions thread, they'll know that not much caught my ear, aside from Gross' K240. They were pretty good out of the sources that I tried- I'm not sure of the exact model that they were. I just received the bal-SE converter for the K240DF that...
  2. silence2-38554

    Best headphones for mixing Metal & Rock music?

    Alright, I've been on a sort of quest to find my ideal headphone the past few months, so far I have been largely unsuccessful.  Currently, I own the following cans & associated issues:   AKG K550 - Too difficult to get a good seal over my tall-ish ears & the sound varies too much if the seal...
  3. avitay18

    want to buy headphones

    well looking for new headphones between 40-60 dollars. looking for a one that will be good for black ops 2 cause i had siberia v2 and i could not hear ****. also for music and stuff (mainly listening to metal). so any advice guys?
  4. aristos_achaion

    Vintage AKGs in new Doctor Who

    In the opening scene of the latest Doctor Who episode ("Hide"), a character pulls on these vintage AKGs (I spoiler-tagged the images, because they're large): Anybody know what those are? My first thought was Sextetts, but the photos I can find of Sextetts have a silver "K-240" on the back...
  5. Hifi Man

    At what point do headphones become too nice for MP3 and no DAC?

    I noticed that most people with nice headphones have some sort of digital to audio converter and amplifier and claim to use FLAC files. Personally, I just listen to MP3 and use a portable amp for my AKG K240, or just use my Sony V6 straight out of my iPod. Would it defeat the purpose of nice...
  6. mvrk10256

    [COMPARISON REVIEW] Best Sub $100 USED Headphones !

    There are a lot of people (myself included) that came to this site looking for information on how to get into the audio game. We see these threads all the time. People want to know what the best bang for the buck is... usually under $100. Generally they get pointed to the M50 or whatever...
  7. mtliu

    Polaroid PHP8330 surprises me for a supposed lo-fi can

    I've been on this kick where I'm buying cheap cans and replacing the drivers with ones from broken ones. The way I use cans (I am a DJ), I tend to break them more often than I'd like. The cable or plug is usually the first thing to go - then I might step or sit on the actual cans and break the...
  8. Tom White

    Need something similar to AKG K240

    I have an AKG K240 that I really enjoy, but they are not very "portable" at all. So I am asking for suggestions on a more portable set of headphones that would sound similar to what I have. I want them to be open phones. No iems or buds. On ear would be fine I did do a search on this, but most...
  9. Fungus

    Best recommendation for budget closed full size over the ear headphones under $25

    Must be extremely durable (must last for many years), preferably with detachable cable, easily driven straight from laptop, very comfortable and similar in performance to:  Akg 501 Goldring dr150 Superlux hd668b . Akg k240 Fostex t50rp
  10. IaHawkeye

    Recommend me the best portable set up

    Filed for divorce today, had a bipolar cheating wife who was mentally and physically abusive and now I don't have to pinch pennies anymore to support her drug and alcohol addictions....which means I can support my audio addiction! Please give me some recommendations as to the best portable set...
  11. kramer5150

    AKG K240 S/M/DF Appreciation Thread

    Love my K240s. An $80 headphone should not be this much fun. Great can for modding and a good recable candidate. Post pics & comments if you feel the love!! The Myung-Man... in the house!! Garrett
  12. scottzg

    My ears hurt! (AKG Q701)

    I have 3 sets of nicer headphones- etymotic hf3 for my phone, and a AKG k240mk2 and Q701 amped with O2s running on computers.  I use an EQ to get them to sound all about the same.  I can listen to the etys for an entire day, the k240s until my ears get too sweaty, and the Qs for about 1.5 hours...
  13. Heartl3ss

    Need Comfortable Ear Pads for my Superlux HD668B

    Today arrived my new headphones, the inexpensive Superlux HD668B and im totally stunned by the difference in sound quality compared to the previous cheap gaming headset that i had. Im using it with a zalman clip-on mic and everything is perfect. The only thing that i would like to improve is the...
  14. Rennokas

    Need advice on USB AMP/DAC combo for Sextette's

    Hi,   I need some advice on headphone DAC-AMP combo. I own AKG K240 Sextettes (600ohm independence). Would connect it to PC via USB.   What I am looking for in the product:   - Amp to drive 600ohm Sextettes - DAC (maybe 24/192) - Mic input  - USB - Price range till 500EUR (the lower...
  15. bobran

    What are semi-open headphones?

    Could somebody please explain what semi-open headphones are? I understand that open means they leak sound or you can hear outside sounds while listening, and closed means they shut off sound and leaks. So what does semi-open headphones mean and can you give some examples of semi-open headphones?
  16. Farch

    AMPLIFIER for AKG 240 Monitor (6oo Ohms)

    Hi,   Have any of you experienced dedicated or matching designed amps for that special version of K240? We know they require a good power source to make them sound good and get a good sound level. So thanks to share ideas or experiences, mine were completely overhauled, they're nearly like...
  17. Rennokas

    Vintage AKG K240 Sextette amp question

    Hi,   I have Sextettes which have 600Ohm indepencence max 200mW. Is something like Asus Xonar Essence STU amp/dac which has 80mW @ 600ohm enough for cans like these ?     R.
  18. SkyBleu

    Quality Open-Back/Semi-Open-Back Headphones of $250 or less with detachable cable.

    As the title says, please recommend me something nice in that regards.    I currently am about to pull the trigger on a pair of AKG K240 MK II's, but I want to do a final check-up if I've missed anything fancy.    Cheers!
  19. bluxx

    Is a FiiO E6 enough to power a pair of AKG K-240s?

    I'm in need of an upgrade, and the K-240s seem really nice. However, I don't want to spend as much as I did on headphones on an amp. Will the FiiO E6 be enough for them?
  20. Dottedline

    Need help choosing between the KNS6400 or AKG K240

    My Audiotechnica M30s have broken and I am looking to buy new cans'. I have narrowed my list down from   Creative Aurvana Live! (looks cheap) Sony MDR-V6 AKG K 240 Semi-Open  Sony MDR7506  KRK KNS6400  Fostex T40RPMK2  Shure SRH440  Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (looks old lookin')  ...
  21. ProximaCentauri

    AKG K240 Studio No sound in left ear-cup

    Hello, head-fi members. I am quite new to the forums and this will be my first thread. So to the point, I purchased a pair of K240S on the 26th of May, this year. They've been doing great, no problems with them at all, but today, something rather strange happened, the sound on the left ear-cup...
  22. TornSoulCage

    AKG K240 Studio

    I've had these headphones for around 2 months now and I've been using then with my iPod touch and a fiio e11 amp. I would like more bass in my music. Would you suggest a better amp or a different pair of headphones? I would like to keep the price beneath $250. If it helps I mainly listen to rap...
  23. amigomatt

    Upgrading from AKG K240 DFs to K702

    Hi people,   I have a dilemma.  I bought a vintage pair of K240 DFs some months back.  Basically, I love the mid range and treble on these things, they are so flat, neutral and clear (despite missing the very top end, it sounds), but I cannot abide their lack of bottom end any more!  I...
  24. dumbttt

    AKG 240 vs ATH M50

    I decided it to replace the 5 year old Sennheiser EH 350 because its uncomfortable.  I have narrowed my options down to K240 and M50, budget is $150, headphone will be for general purpose music/TV/movie use on my PC with onboard sound.  I will consider adding a sound card later as necessary...
  25. last1done

    AKG K240 mk II cable issues [RESOLVED]

    So yesterday, I finally received my pair of 240's, and I decided, for convenience sake, to use the coiled cable that came with it. I had no problem changing from straight 3 meter cable to coiled 5 meter cable. Today, however, I cannot remove the 5 meter cable, and but there seems to be nothing...