AKG K240 mk II cable issues [RESOLVED]
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New Head-Fier
Jun 10, 2013
So yesterday, I finally received my pair of 240's, and I decided, for convenience sake, to use the coiled cable that came with it. I had no problem changing from straight 3 meter cable to coiled 5 meter cable. Today, however, I cannot remove the 5 meter cable, and but there seems to be nothing wrong with either the cable or the headset. There was no damage out of the box, and I was extremely careful replacing the cable yesterday. It seems that there is a button which must be depressed to remove the cable, which I am doing, but there is on movement. I really would like these headphones to function properly, so help is extremely appreciated. 
after looking up technical papers for the headphones, I decided that I knew enough to disassemble them. I did so, and found a faulty cable connector. I will most likely buy a replacement 5 meter coiled cable. Headphones themselves were fine.

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