1. Jon L

    Orgy of Capacitors: The Cap Thread

    Well, I suppose it's time for the capacitor thread. I set out to satisfy my curiosity regarding various caps with first-hand experience, and as such, these impressions are not meant to be the Bible or written in stone. Personal tastes, system synergy, and cycle of the Moon all apply. What...
  2. punkaroo

    nOrh se9 or Almarro 205a?

    Hi everyone,   I have a pair of K1000s that sound good through my vintage Marantz and my vintage Rotel...but I love my tube headphone amp, and I think I'd like my K1000s even more with one!   I've done a ton of reading on both the nOrh se9 and the Almarro 205a mkII...I just can't decide...
  3. punkaroo

    nOrh se9 or Almarro 205a mkII

    Hi everyone :)   I'm looking for a used nOrh se9 or Almarro 205a mkII. Please pm me with your price and pics. Extra tubes are not necessary, but nice :)   Thanks!
  4. kimchee411

    SOLD: Almarro A205A MkII Japanese Single Ended Pentode Tube Integerated Amplifier

    For sale is an Almarro A205A MKII integrated amp.  It is an outstanding, very musical 4.8 watt per channel single-ended pentode amp with 2 sets of RCA inputs and a 1/8" stereo mini jack headphone output.  It is in good shape with some minor scratches on the transformers and a small mark on the...
  5. SimpJee

    Almarro A205A mkII SEP Integrated Amplifier (Good condition - please see pictures)

    Hello,   I'm selling my Almarro A205A mk2 amplifier.  It is matte black, and in good condition with only minor cosmetic wear (see pictures front-rightside/rightside front, and top of amplifier).   I used this to power my K-1000's, and I barely had to turn the volume control for it to be almost...
  6. milezone

    FS/FT: Almarro 205A MKII

    On Ebay   I'm selling my white Almarro 205A MKII. I'm the second owner and have had it for two years. It's in 8/10 condition conservatively but is like new. I've used it to power Stax headphones with an energizer, and also Quad 57s. It's my favorite amp I've owned however my current speakers...
  7. Jon L

    AKG K240 Sextett--Grado'd AKG?

    I've been powering AKG K240 Sextett with Almarro A205a MkII, and Jee Whiz, this thing almost sounds like a Grado, notably RS-1, in the midrange. RS-1 has better bass, but Sextett has better upper-mid/treble smoothness... BTW, anyone know what kind of glue works best to repair a...
  8. Almarro A205A MKII

    Almarro A205A MKII

    The new Almarro A205A MkII I've had the MkII version of the Almarro A205A for a couple of months now. Its latest incarnation employs the same circuit but Yoshihiro-san says that it has better output transformers for more frequency extension and now 8- and 16-ohm taps. The main difference between...