1. Craigster75

    Apparently AKG has been providing bad info to their dealers.  I contacted Headphones.com about the K267 since their web site said they were available in a few days.  After they checked with AKG, they confirmed a release date of late October/early November.
  2. miceblue
    Uh-oh...I "hear" there's another mid-fi headphone in the market.

    Ultimate Ears UE6000 and UE9000

    Tyll says they sound better than the K550 and slightly better than the Ultrasone Edition 8's.

    Both units offer active noise cancellation, and Tyll said they don't sound very good with it activated due to a huge bass boost.
    UE6000 - $199 USD
    UE9000 - $399 USD (more expensive due to controls on the earcups, a really good-sounding wireless Bluetooth function according to Tyll, and has built-in rechargeable batteries)

    Measurements from Innerfidelity on the other hand don't look THAT good in my opinion (the upward tilted 300 Hz graph indicates they're very warm-sounding, upward curving 30 Hz graph indicates they're very bass heavy, and the frequency response seems to show an early, very steep treble roll-off with no large treble peaks).

    From Innerfidelity:

    Perhaps more reviews will convince me otherwise, but I'm not too interested in these headphones at the moment. The video made it seem that these headphones are the KING of full-sized, closed, portable headphones, so that was slightly deceiving.

    One user asked:

    Tyll replied:
    And I didn't know Head-Fi has a language filter set-up. :S

    I posted this observation regarding the headphones as a whole:
  3. firev1
    Imo measurements wise, the UE6000 looks pretty darn good considering the price and what it was built for. Promising, promising.
  4. Craigster75
    Out of curiosity, where does Tyll state these are slightly better than the Ultrasone Edition 8?
  5. miceblue
    This is true. I don't like very warm-sounding headphones as I'm more of an analytical headphone person (KRK KNS6400 for example).

    Oh whoops, I should have put that in the spoiler tag section. He mentioned it as a reply to my comment about the UE9000 looking like an ED8 in design.

    He replied:
  6. Llloyd
  7. Craigster75
    So, to clarify, Tyll stated that the new UE headphones (@$199 and $399) sound better overall than an Edition 8??  If that is the case, I will save $1,000.
  8. navii

    Don't you mean whaaam!?
  9. haquocdung
    My interest: triology battle: Vmoda M100, Logitech UE6000 & Sennheiser MOMENTUM
  10. AnakChan Moderator
    I'm particularly curious why the mention of the K550. Not having been to Tyll's page recently, what are his thoughts of the K550 in general? Pardon my skeptical  and somewhat sarcastic tone here.
  11. Moosecraft
    In his review he says that he likes them.
  12. firev1
    He dislikes their artificial sounding treble somewhat. This review will have some screaming "blasphemy!", I can just see it already.
  13. Craigster75

    Tyll seemed to flip-flop on the K550 once the UE6000 came out (for $100 less than the K550).  They were his favorite closed can and along with mentioning artificial highs, I interpret his review of the UE6000 as blowing away the K550.  I wonder if the Wall of Fame can have deletions as well as additions?
  14. firev1
  15. firev1
    Inb4 Stereophile Class A list. Sorry about the double post

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