1. BRSxIgnition
    So just as a reminder (for me) - other than the Logitech UE9000, what headphones are being added and removed?
    Are the below poll modifications correct? (For when the poll is restarted when all headphones are released)
    1. AKG K167 Tiesto
    2. AKG K267 Tiesto
    3. Velodyne vTrue
    4. Ultimate Ears 9000
    1. Beyerdynamic C1P (Cost too low?)
  2. Craigster75

    Well, if we take off the C1P, then the K167 should come off as well along with the Pro300.  I think they should as they are at the low or mid range of their lines or lower cost and at a disadvantage, unless we are focusing on product lines as one choice.  Also, when adding UE9000, please include the UE6000 as Tyll's review indicated they sound the same with glowing reviews and bested his old favorite's the AKG K550.
  3. BRSxIgnition
    Alright - since they (K167, C1P & PRO300) all have an MSRP of $199, I will remove them from the list. If any of them has amazing sound outside of it's price range, I will add it in to the list. This is based on the rule for this thread: "Mid-Fi is considered any $200 - $600 headphone where the sound quality is considered good or great for the price." If the quality of a "low-fi" headphone is good enough, it could be considered mid-fi, which is the rule I will apply here, if the K167, C1P, or PRO300 live up to that. 

    I guess the Ultimate Ears 6000 can be considered Mid-Fi even with the rule above if that is the case, concidering the value would be that great. Let's wait for more reviews on them, since those will be out before the changes take place anyway.
    Are the above proposals fine?
  4. eron
    Then you can include Mad Dogs: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/newestpost/613576
  5. BRSxIgnition
    The Mad-Dogs came out more than 3 months ago. I can't add them, as great as they are.
  6. guerillaw
    Many experienced folks do not like the sound of the Edition 8, especially what they perceive to be it's piercing treble. So it is not as if Tyll is saying it is as good as a 1k headphone, he seems to be saying it is better than a headphone I do not really care for. HIs take on the Beyer T70P (piercing highs in line with peaky treble measurements) was dead-on with my personal experience, so I attach credibility to his comments. 
  7. Craigster75

    I personally like the Edition 8 as I don't find their treble piercing compared with lesser Ultrasones and closer to the Signature Pro which is highly regarded.  However, if the UE6000 is that good for $200, we all win.
  8. miceblue

    I think those are fine...for now. Watch, in 2 weeks, some other company will release their own new "mid-fi" headphone. XD
    As for the UE6000 I think it's fair game to put it with the UE9000 since Tyll specifically stated in his written review that he barely notices a difference in sound quality between the two.
  9. erod
    so what's happening with that M-100 sq review?
  10. eron
    The Amperior was released in March, and is still on your poll?
  11. Craigster75

    Well, the Mad Dogs with Dog Pads (circumaural leather) are brand new and change their sonic character, so perhaps they should qualify?  I consider it a new model.  Sorry to keep throwing stuff at you as I know it is extra work, but the market is so dynamic right now.
  12. BRSxIgnition
    I thought the amperior was the new silver-shelled model?
  13. Craigster75

    It is also the blue aluminum that was released several months ago through the Apple store- two different color offerings.  However, I don't know that the actual release goes all the way back to March?
    EDIT:  I purchased Amperior on 6/20 which was around the day it was first available (returned 6/26), so it was posted in your survey within the three month period at the time the poll was established.
  14. BRSxIgnition
    Yeah - that's the result I found. Wasn't it released in June? Or was that only the silver version? Any SQ differences between the two?
    If this could be cleared up, that'd be great.
  15. eron
    Try Jan 2012 for first look on the Amperior: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMV-LVFrYng  "This will be on the market in March".
    September for Momentum.
    Silver and Blue Amperiors seem to be the same: http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2012/01/first-look-sennheiser-amperior-headphones/

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