1. Craigster75

    LOL, thanks for clearing that up.  It's a shame we need to wait until November for the K267.  It seems to be in another league with a larger driver and user-adjustable bass.
  2. firev1
    Actually it is probably to compete with Beyer's Custom 1 which has user-adjustable bass as well. So another league? Not really.
  3. BRSxIgnition
    It has a larger driver (I'm assuming, since Beyer doesn't list driver size for the C1P, but it is 16ohm), more premium materials (Aluminum, Leather), and a more style-oriented design than the C1P from Beyer.
    They're both going to be on the list, and sound is subjective, but I do have my bets on the AKG K267 beating out both the Beyer C1P, and the AKG K167.
  4. RPGWiZaRD
    Another headphone to add to the list later on... ATH-WS99 http://www.audio-technica.co.jp/atj/show_model.php?modelId=2253
    This (without tax) translates roughly to $300 USD. Features big 53mm drivers.
    Already the first two lines makes my mouth water:
    Lastly, I'd remove M4U 2 from the list to clean it up, feels M4U 2 is a bit redundant as it features NC which none of the "serious" headphone do and none of the competitors either and M4U 1 will most likely feature very similar sound (if not the EXACT same) to M4U 2 in passive mode already. 
  5. BRSxIgnition
    I will combine the M4U 1 and 2 into one choice like the new SONY MDR-1R line. It helps to be able to account for multiple versions, since there will always be discrepancies between models, even if they're small.
    Nice to see a new Audio Technica headphone, but we're still not sure what it will be when it debuts over in the west - or even if it will debut here in the west. I'm hoping it does, as it will add to our choices, but we'll have to see. I will probably end up adding it anyway, once more information is released.
    Thanks again - so many new headphones! We needed this thread, didn't we?
  6. Dyaems
    OP, please add those new audio technica "solid bass" series :p
    the WS77 and the WS99
  7. BRSxIgnition
    I will add the WS99, and possibly the previously talked about Velodyne vTrue, but not the WS77. This is because with the current exchange rates, the price of the WS77 would only be ~$150 here in the west. It would not meet the criteria for this poll/thread.
  8. Craigster75
    If you make updates to the list, I am wondering if the Beyer Custom One belongs on the list.  It is selling for about $175.  It has also been out for a little while and I can't find any user reviews for it which seems odd.
  9. miceblue

    Doesn't that just translate into "marketing talk/terms"?

    ^ can you guess these headphone?
  10. BRSxIgnition
    I have added Anakchan's images to the V-MODA M-100 listing on the first post. There are also links to his future review and future comparisons. (The later two are not complete as of typing this)
    Big thanks to Anakchan for being the first to give us thoughts and images on this hyped-up headphone! Let's hope it meets our expectations.
  11. Dyaems
    just has posted pics in the 1-R thread as well
    ill just link it here: http://www.head-fi.org/gallery/album/view/id/694257
  12. BRSxIgnition
    Thanks, I just added that to the first post as well.
  13. miceblue
  14. Craigster75
    Seems like almost every manufacturer is raising the bar. We are entering a Renaissance period for closed basshead cans. [Sitting on my doorstep waiting for my M-100 to arrive, leaving only for food, Head-fi posts and "the three S's".]
  15. BRSxIgnition
    Seems like the AKG K267 has an expected release date of 9/30/2012 - according to American Musical.

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