1. niten
    I would at least consider the Mad dogs as well.
    They are essentially modded fostex t50rp headphones, and they have been recognized to produce some great sounds.
  2. BRSxIgnition
    I imagine that if they replace the brown leather with black leather, and make the cloth (inside the cups), cables, and stitching a pure ceramic white, they will look far classier. As much as black and white is overused, brown and blue don't mix well, at least by my taste.

    When it comes to the sound, well have to see. If they turn out to be in the portable category, then I will add them to the list once it resets later.
  3. putente
    Those look like they came straight out of an old science fiction movie! If they can sound half as good as they look, they might be worth considering... 
  4. BRSxIgnition
    Never heard of Velodyne - do you know about them Craigster? Are they any good?
  5. firev1
    The denon X000 series has similar impedances, foster drivers perhaps? To me the offerings from major manufacturers are pretty lacklustre. The only things that interest me in the mid fi arena is the amperiors and M100 and modded T50RPs.
  6. BRSxIgnition
    I've already listed my top 4, but this is a contender for the 5th. Thing is, I don't know why they went for dual entry. Having it as a dual entry headphone means that it is far more unwieldy for portable use. It seems as they could be deciding to make it a "Indoor/@Home" headphone?
  7. firev1
    Read, "Studio Headphones", so yeh, they are more for indoors. Oh and Steve Guttenburg if I recall likes their in-ears.
  8. BRSxIgnition
    Thing is, a few other "studio headphones", like the M50, have been known to work great as portables.
  9. firev1
    And to my knowledge, only the M50 fits that role well as a full sized portable, I use Shure 840 outside, but I don't count that as "portable" either. Full size portables need full swivel to be comfortable and that is what the M50 is. And there is no-one is going be mixing, mastering or recording vocals on the go right? :)
  10. BRSxIgnition
    I guess so. It sees like the vTrue will be a more "@Home"/"Studio" headphone, rather than a portable headphone. It depends. I'll wait for more info from the company before qualifying or disqualifying it from the poll/thread.
  11. Craigster75

    They are a fantastic subwoofer manufacturer- earth shattering bass.  Their in-ear V-Pulse is said to translate this bass solidly to their first headphone, so I would expect the circumaural Velodyne to be a bass monster, but I can't speak to expected mids and highs.
  12. miow
    Yeah, strangly the reviews just talk about the bass.
  13. BRSxIgnition
    The AKG K167's are available in the US now. Due to the $199 price tag, I will be adding them to the poll when it is refreshed. That means there will be 2 AKG headphones, rather than only one. I ask whomever may have been thinking about buying them, to do so and provide impressions and a review.
  14. Craigster75
      Interesting that their product description says over ear, but the box says supra aural.
  15. BRSxIgnition
    The box says both. "Supra-Aural" is french for "Over Ear". 

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