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  1. BRSxIgnition
  2. Evshrug
    I CAN'T PICK JUST 1!!!
  3. BRSxIgnition
    Fixed - restarted poll to allow multiple choices.
  4. Windsor
    Here's my recent take on the Sennheiser Amperior which is the only headphone I've heard of those listed above:
    Head-fi review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/sennheiser-amperior-on-ear-headphones/reviews/7081
    Video review: (done on iPhone due to convenience):

  5. yellowssm
  6. erod
    I'm subscribing for possible references after the headphones actually come out, but voting on headphones that haven't been released?
    premature fanboyism seems to be appropriate [​IMG]
  7. BRSxIgnition
    You don't need to vote, and I plan on resetting the poll once all of them have been released, so that it will be more realistic.
    Don't worry - I also think voting on headphones that aren't released is a stupid thing, but it allows some speculation while we wait, and there's no problem with that.
  8. planx
    Honestly speaking, I think the M100 is going to be another great value for money headphone from Vmoda. I loved the M-80 and I have high hopes for the M-100 as well. BTW OP, you should come to the HF meet in Vancouver in a week. Check my signature for URL
  9. RPGWiZaRD
    Will be interesting to see the outcome of this, so many headphones are targeting this "modiophile" (good term from V-Moda) market with a headphone that's a bit bass emphasized but is characterized by otherwise fairly balanced mids or highs and is more like an in-between fun and critical listening, the bass which is there is not overpowered but aids to the fun listen. Since I'm not looking for a headphone used as portable and only one for home listen I also follow the Philips Fidelio X1 closely especially after the impressions of it being very  bassheavy for an open headphone and less dark than L1.
  10. harryyeo
    Is beyerdynamic's Custom One Pro considered portable?
    If it is, would rather like to see it in this list.
  11. BRSxIgnition
    It's below the mid-fi price-range. I'd consider it a beginner can, like the M50's.
  12. WhiteCrow
    since when are a $1500 headphone Mid-fi? the Ultrasone's signature DJ. If they keep to there usually road, it's the Signature pro with a detachable cable.
  13. BRSxIgnition
    I was being pressed to add that one - but I never found out the price. Are they really $1500? I thought they were like.. $700 or so from what I heard.
    Anyway - I guess I'll remove it then. Thank you for clearing that up.

    Poll has been restarted due to the above.

  14. Reomero
    Shouldn't the HD25 and DT1350 also be in that poll?
  15. BRSxIgnition
    Both have been around longer than 3 months, and have enough reviews and publicity to warrant or "un"warrant a purchase. This thread is for the new wave of headphones from the past 3 months or next 3 months.
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