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  1. Reomero
    Ohh.. I just kind of looked at the title and the poll, then just lightly skimmed at the post.. My bad lol.
    In that case, the V-Moda's seem promising. Also, what really is the difference between the HD25 and the Amperior? (Aside from the aesthetics)
  2. WhiteCrow
    Yeah the Signature pro's, the NON DJ signature headphones are $1100 roughly. They were about 1500-1700 but they dropped in price I see.
  3. UCLA 15
    The Denons are out for me because virtually nothing about them is appealing to me and they are too expensive. AKGs are out because, well, I know nothing about them and can't find any good info on them, and apparently no one knows when they will be out. M4U 2 are out for price. Amperior are out because supra-aural. XB900 are out because supra-aural. I detest Yamaha, and seriously those headphones look exactly like Beats. 
    So what am I interested in? Sennheiser Momentum are very appealing to me. I like the design, and I like Sennheiser. PSB M4U 1 are another serious player for me, based on feedback from the M4U 2. Sony MDR-1R are a total wildcard for me, mostly because of the unknown prices. M-100s are and have been at the center of my attention for a long time.
    How do I think it will play out? Momentum will be a winner for weight and likely comfort, and as said the design is great, but I am extremely fearful that Sennheiser, in trying to appeal more to general consumers (marketing as iPhone headphones and giving them a trying-to-sound-cool name vs. a traditional Senn alphanumeric name that non head-fi type people are turned off by) may deliver a sound signature I won't like. Also, $350 price tag is stretching it a bit for me. M4U 1: should deliver on comfort and SQ, but according to this source (which just released this news), they will only be available in red or gray for $300; if you want black or white you have to spend $400.
    That's a total joke if it's true, paying $100 more for the 2 most standard headphone colors? I thought the whole point of the M4U 1 was to be cheaper than the M4U 2. I definitely don't want red, and gray may or may not be appealing to me. Either way, the M4U 1 seriously lost points with me if black or white models are $400. MDR-1R are only going to be players for me if they come in around $300 (and which ones come close to that price). Also, if the NC are in based on price, then the quality of NC and how it affects SQ comes into play. There's way too many unknowns and hard to predict things about the 1R for me to have any idea what to expect. The M-100 are still the center of my attention, and it's really going to come down to how everything else compares to them. 
    If I had to say what I think is most likely going to be the winner for me and be my next set of headphones, I have to go with the M-100s. I know more about them than all these other headphones combined, and know what to expect based on the range of info I know and personal experience with the M-80s. In any case, though, this is a pretty exciting time for mid range closed portables and in reality we're all winners because we'll all have something that fits our unique bills.
  4. putente
    Let the "M Wars" begin, again... [​IMG]
  5. Tangster
    Sennheiser momentum, V-moda M100 and Sony MDR-1R are the hopeful contenders for me.
  6. RPGWiZaRD
    Well the beyers are similarly priced as XB900, MSRP $199, I think $200 pricepoint is fine as the low-limit and it's certainly interesting enough to be included in this shootout due to adjustable venting mechanism and it's portable headphone with customization so fits nicely into this category.
  7. BRSxIgnition

    Restarted poll again to include the above.



    There are so many new headphones! [​IMG]
  8. Chadley
  9. putente
    Is it? [​IMG]
  10. BRSxIgnition
    I'm in the same boat - how they think they can by with that kind of stupidity scares me. Do they think we're stupid? The only cheap colors will sell like crap because few will want them, and the good colors will sell like crap because nobody will pay the premium. It will hurt them both ways. 
    Here's hoping they sound good at least...
    I'm hoping so! [​IMG] There's just too many headphones coming out all at once! At least people can see why we need a thread like this.
  11. putente
    True, in the past weeks, almost every day we see a new model (or more) being announced by a manufacturer! This is not good, both for our wallets and to this thread... [​IMG]
  12. Lan647
    Not sure I'd call the D600 mid-fi. Think they categorize in the entry-hifi camp. So does the Sennheiser HD 25, though have not heard the amperior. 
  13. BRSxIgnition
    I believe you're wrong. The AH-D600 is on the high-end of Mid-Fi, but it is still Mid-Fi. 
    I see Hi-Fi as being $650 - $700 and up. $499 and $599 headphones are the more expensive Mid-Fi headphones.
  14. namaiki
    I'll be looking forward to the MDR-1R. I want to purchase closed headphones with an overall decent sound which doesn't have very much rolled off subbass. (yes, that is my main criteria for my next set of headphones. none of my current headphones are completely satisfying me in that department) Note: I haven't exactly done any reading about pretty much any of the other headphones.
  15. Lan647
    HA! Now THAT was the stupidest thing I've read in a while. Are you seriously categorizing the headphone sound quality after price? Guess Beats PRO is "high-end of mid-fi", Ultrasone ED10 is high-end of hi-fi while HD 800 is only hi-fi? Too bad, the Sennheiser HD 650, Denon D5000 and Grado PS500s are not hi-fi.... -.- 
    The Focal grande utopia em is the best speaker on the market then, we can assume that cause of the price. Also, we can right away assume the DCS Scarlatti gear is the best for the source? Of course we can, we just have to look at the price! 

    Hi-Fi stands for High-fidelity, premium sound. I hear the D600s as being hi-fi as they have enough clarity, dynamics, transient speed etc to make music sound natural. Mid-fi would probably be the B&W P5, while headphones like Beats, Koss porta PRO etc class as low-fi.

    Or maybe I just got the entire thing wrong? Hi-fi is related to price and some guy can just say a number and than claim: this is hi-fi, this is not. 

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