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1964 Ears

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  1. iamchrishill
    Wellllll I made the decision to get my first CIEMs.  Going for the V8s.  Got my impressions done today, but I'm waiting for Memorial Day and hoping they do another sale, so I have some time to tweak the design.  Here's the current draft.  What do y'all think?  btw, the logo is my initials CPH.
  2. joncirca57
    Congratulations!  I was JUST about to order the V8s too, but had problems with the impressions!  DOH.  I have had ear impressions done twice in the past with no problem, but I think one ear was "stuffed up" so could not equalize pressure when they stuffed the foam plug down the canal . . .  so they had to stop.  But planning on trying again soon.
    Design?  Always a personal decision.  Love the clear tips and the translucent black.  Personally, I think the wood looks super with your logo and would probably do wood on both sides.  
  3. iamchrishill
    Thanks!  I have been on the fence about the different designs on each side.  Right now, I'm digging it.  Hopefully, I'll still like it after it's done!  haha
  4. eaglex3
    Should be receiving my V8s in about a week. Cannot wait.
    I will be picking up a Fiio X3 to complement my new CIEMs. :)
  5. mhcoss201012
    Sorry for the stupid question but what is the date of the Memorial Day? I am from Asia so I have no idea about US festivals.
    If there will be a Memorial Day sale and if the discount is good enough I may be able to get a pair of V6s (not satge).
  6. ericr
    Memorial Day is.Monday May 26. Last year the sale was for the whole 3-day weekend (Sat., Sun., & Mon.).

    IIRC the sale was announced on their Facebook page.
  7. yilun
    Do you know if other brands are gonna provide MEmorial day sales?
  8. rookie2009
    From what I was told by 1964 today there won't be any memorial day sales this year.. I was hoping for a sale also to pick up a set of v6's
  9. Ivabign
    I can't imagine that they would further discount the V8's any more than the introductory $100 they are taking off now - Not sure how much longer they will have the V8's on special before they bump back to $899. They came out in March - so maybe in June or July they go back up....
  10. zeppu08
    Hi! Ive demoed and tried a/b-ing the V6 and V6S and i find the V6 more natural and really neutral. I felt the V6S has too much bass which i cant handle.

    Just want to ask, will be a big difference with the finished product to the demo once? They say it will be more inhanced cause of the isolation and the seal once its custom fitted. And lastly, Does anyone use this in stage performance? I play drums, bass and guitars.. Either of the three and i hope it will still work for me.. Pulling the trigger on the V6..

    Any thoughts?
  11. AnakBaru
    The V8 is in the da house :)
    First impression :
    My first IEM is Fitear TG334, after that I auditioned a whole lot of other IEM/CIEM and most if not all of them sound inferior except TG335DW and Roxanne.
    I kind of afraid when I put these V8 in my ear and regret it, turns out they're not a disappointment.
    I'm no audiophile, a pure music lover, only judge with what I hear and don't try to analyze them in details nor can I do that due to the lack of my audiophile knowledge/phrasing dictionary :).
    I love what I hear with the V8 so far, it makes me put down my TG334 and leave them at home (plan to flip them in the future and get the 335DW).
    Initially the bass is the one that hold me to pull the trigger back then, I'm afraid the bass is too boomy, I'm not a basshead but in reality the bass is prominent and not overwhelming unlike when I auditioned JH16 and put it down after just one song.
    My current setup is V8 + AK240 using balanced cable (Effect Thor) or V8 + Ak240 + Alo PanAm with Mullard Tubes.
    More to come but please don't expect low this, mid that, high this...really don't know how and don't want to analyze my music, just want to enjoy them [​IMG]
    altrunox likes this.
  12. Laike
    If that's true, that's insanely disappointing. I was planning on picking up some V6 Stages during a sale, too. I guess I'll keep dragging my heels on these. 
  13. rookie2009
    Me too,guess the wait until black friday begins for us now unless something changes between now and memorial weekend and 1964 decide to have an offer of sorts..
  14. vaed
    Listening to my V8's a couple of days now, I have to concur with earlier impressions in that though this may be targeted towards bassheads, the bass really doesn't mask everything. It is VERY present, yes, but I don't hear any bloat or smearing. Timbre is pretty spot on; I love the way that drums sound in particular.
    As someone mentioned before, the upper frequencies are not aggressive at all, but what I do notice is that this roll-off makes the sound more holographic since cymbals and things like that sound further away rather than in front of my face. It also makes it an obviously much smoother listen.
    On a whole, the signature is quite Audeze-like, but a little less warm.
  15. yilun
    Looks so nice! Just curious about how would you compare V8 to 335DW. I have to make a choice between them, and I wanna hear someone who have auditioned both.
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