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1964 Ears

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  1. MachBot
    Might be brain burn in.. :p
    MistahBungle likes this.
  2. nmatheis Contributor
    SilverEars: Glad you're liking your V3. I live in Portland and am considering trying out the V3 V6-Stage. Keep us updated on the V3.
  3. MistahBungle

    Less 'opening up'/'burning in' & more you adjusting to the sound.
  4. SilverEars
    I don't give a sh**t if my burn-in is placebo or not, it opened up very nicely now that I've used it for couple days.  I hear more micro-details now.  [​IMG] 
    I hope it opens up more to be the best headphone ever.  [​IMG] Joking.  I don't like to believe in burn-in, but it sounds much better than when I got it first. I may have to make a call to Knowles or Sonion to investigate this.
    As long as Mariah's voice is providing it's textures I know this mutha has opened up.
  5. davidcotton

    Whilst I don't believe in "burn-in" as such, I do believe in "warm-up" as it were.  That is the iems have been in different temperatures, not used etc.  So an hour or so's use and things start to settle down to what they should be.
    Any way glad you like them, I keep playing about with the iem designer (great idea, why don't other's have this?) and coming up with some ideas.  So far I have done :-
    a) Black faceplate, clear shells and the gold standard logo.
    b) Black faceplate,  red translucent (which I really like atm).
    Who know's one day I may even click "buy"!
  6. joshuachew
    JH, UM and such have been using them for a long time.
  7. davidcotton
    Fair enough, don't really go to those sites.
  8. Ivabign
    I'm a big fan of black caps and clear shells - my 8A's were smoke caps and clear shells and since Heir put their logo on the side, the cap was a little plain for my tastes and I ended up wishing I had gone solid black on the caps. With my JH16FP reshells, I didn't make the same mistake twice.
  9. TCB2Country
    I got my V6 Stages in this past week just in time for the opening of our new show this season!

    I can't say enough good things about these! For the past several years I have used various Shure universals ie. E2s E3s SE 425s as well as sennheiser ie8s and ie80s. I honestly feel like these V6Ss have brought my performance to a whole new level! They are saving my hearing on stage and most importantly my voice! For the first time in my career I can sing easy but at the same time with confidence and support all while hearing everything! Fit and finish is amazing and exactly what I was looking for!!!

    T.C. Barnette
  10. SilverEars
    After extended listen of my V3, I have to conclude that these have significantly more bass quality than from what I remember of my triples(triples were 2-way 3 drivers, V3 is 3-way).  The again, I was going from my CK10 to these, so my ears would be highly sensitive to bass since CK10 is close to neutral when it comes to bass, but after long listen I feel there is good amount of bass.  I like the stage and imaging, It's counter-intuitive how CIEMs provide such imaging.  I was listening to some opera and it feels like I'm there, and I can hear the vocals placement change just like on stage.  So imaging is there.  It might be my brain burning-in, but the way it sounds now from how it sounded initially, I want to believe in BA burn-ins.  
    I cannot imagine any more bass quantity.  I think if you are a bass head, 1964 Ears should provide given what I've experienced with the V3.  I think any more bass quantity on top of V3 would be too much for me.  V3 doesn't sound neutral to me because of the bass quantity, also the mids are a bit forward which I don't mind as I love to hear details of vocals.  I don't hear excessive sibilance like my CK10, just enough to provide the necessary details.  But after extended listening, I feel like I'm hearing pretty good amount of details with my setup.  Is the details up to the level of my HE-6? No, and I'm not sure if any iem can get up to that level. 
    My impressions I sent was closed mouth, and the fit is fine.  1964 told me there is 20% chance that fit will not be right with closed mouth impressions, and I guess I fall in the 80%, as Hidition recommend closed mouth unless you will be using them on stage as a singer.  
    I'm curious how it scales with more accurate source, I shell see.  
  11. nmatheis Contributor
    SilverEars: Thanks again for the impressions. I'm interested in 1964 Ears CIENs, since they're a local company and I can only get reliable fit with IEMs when using Comply tips. Out of their lineup, I think the V3 and V6-Stage are probably the best choice for me - warm side of neutral without being too dark/muddy. Need to make some time to get over to their lab and test out the universal versions.
  12. SilverEars
    Did some more extended listening.  Some flaws I found, is the lower mids, it's way too loose, and not refined.  It's very muffled on certain recording, and no clairity there.  I'm quite disappointed in this regard.  I think the stage and imaging is great, but it does have it's flaws.  Like I said, the lower mids just doesn't sound very good, and feel like there should be more refinement.  I'm not a fan of the bass.  To me lower mid bass is very important since it shaped the sound, and this does poorly.  Hopefully, the V6 would be an improvement in this regard.  
    I agree with joker's impressions also, I think it can be better, especially the mid bass.  I think what they did was boost the mid bass and it came out muddy. It sound like that bass boosting amp that was hyped up for awhile.   I think it was called Zo??  Of course I'm exaggerating, it's not quite as bad, but similar in affect.
  13. Levanter

    Yes you won't find that loose bass in the V6 category, but it depends on your source as well.
  14. Levanter
  15. joncirca57
    Fun thread so far.  I am really thinking of ordering the V8.  I have an old pair of UE10s that still sound nice when in a relatively quiet room.  But when flying I would like a bit of a bass boost just to keep up with the background rumble.   The intro price for the V8 also helps make it pretty tempting!    
    Any opinions regarding recessed plugs?  Might rule out aftermarket cables, but changes are good I would not be getting into that level of tweaking anyway.
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