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1964 Ears

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    Just waiting for my V6 Stage[​IMG]
  2. ethanc
    Important to note that the V6 is quite sensitive, and I am getting quite a bit of hiss with my Colorfly C3, however I am getting little to no hiss with my ipod Classic 7g, which is odd considering that it has output impedance of about 5 ohms. Does anyone know if the impedance mismatch between the V6 and Classic 7g causes any FR distortion? i.e. bloated bass and suppressed mids and highs? It's odd that I find the iPod to sound more balanced than my C3, especially the level of bass and mid-highs (C3 sounds a bit slow and like it has bad impedance matching with the V6).
  3. bobby12
    What's the difference between the v6 and the v6 stage? Everyone seems to be getting the v6 stage.
  4. ethanc

    Stage is tuned a bit more mid-centric and warmer, with more bass quantity. Although I think the difference in bass is often blown out of proportion, as the difference is small and the v6 have plenty of bass impact and extension.
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  5. AnakBaru
    Hi everyone...
    Anybody has a chance to test/review their V8 CIEM yet ?
    I'm currently on the fence between the V8, Heir 8a, Noble K10 and UM Mentor...is the V8 sound sig similar to JH16, auditioned JH16 and can't stand the bass, the Roxanne is much better (Vs JH16) to my ear but the waiting time is simply a no no (8-10 weeks).
    Auditioned Heir 8ai and like the bass, not too heavy as with the JH16. 
    Noble K10 get high praised but the 'no declare lower value' policy really put it at the last of my list at the moment, I need to pay $300-400 for tax/custom duty alone.
    My daughter have the 1964 V3, she really love it for the teenage kind of music, from time to time I try it and neither like or hate it, I guess OK is the word.
    I use Fitear TG334 as my daily IEM and Audeze LCD-XC with AK240 as the source and Hifi M8.
    Really appreciate the input, this will be my very first CIEM.
    Many thanks.
  6. SilverEars
    Would you guys say if I'm looking for most neutral, would the V3 suffice?  Does the V6 provide more clarity or details?  I don't need the increase in bass, but details are really important, imaging and sound stage.
  7. ericr

    While I've never heard 1964 Ears products other than my V6-Stage universals, you mentioning details and soundstage leads me to share my experience / opinion.

    Can you have too much detail? To the point of distraction? Does the V6-S have too much detail? Maybe - for some. As for me, I'm hooked. We have bass-heads, so is there such a thing as detail-heads?

    Sold the W4R, the well loved SM64s sit in their case, and my recently purchased Beyer T90 hardly get used. To be honest, the V6-S has delivered what I was hoping for with the T90, and then some.

    Recently I added a Project Ember amp to my HRT Microstreamer to better drive the T90 and found how well the V6-S scales up with good equipment. They've got me wondering "how good can these sound" to the extent I've bought an ODAC and Uber Bifrost in the last week.

    But hey, no problem if you want to go with just the V3. :wink:
  8. Levanter

    most neutral would be the V6. Friend told me it sounded flat when he heard mine, but his preference is forward mids like SE535.
    Heard that V3 is more bassy than the V6S, so I'd recommend either the V6S or V6. They both have more details and clarity compared to the V3.
  9. Brendanz
    Hey guys , I have got a bad feeling that my Quads may have a spoilt driver or a damage one . The bass impact seems to be lesser than it should have been . I wonder if it's just me or there is really something wrong , I don't quite trust my ears as I am sort of a newbie.
  10. ethanc
    V6 is neutral, but still had plenty of warmth, sparkle, and bass impact and extension. I was actually quite surprised upon first putting my V6 into my ears. I was expecting bass quantity somewhere along the lines of 4.ai/Noble 4, but I was pleasantly greeted with more tight impact and extension than those other two could ever dream of. To my ears, if I remember correctly, the bass in V6 seems like just a bit less than the TF10, but a lot more controlled and tight, with less hangover.
  11. s0c9
    What are you basing ('scuse the pun) that feeling on?  I have the Quads, but use them mostly for playing live (gigs - both secular and church) and don't use them much to listen to music. I play mostly BASS guitar with them, but occasionally guitar. Different exposures for certain, but I have PLENTY of bass in mine and I like to hear the bass clearly when I play. They make that happen very nicely. What are you listening to that indicates lesser bass response ?? 
  12. Brendanz
    I listen to mostly classic rock such as deep purple , black sabbath , the Rolling Stones etc . I felt that of recent the bass impact 'seemed' have decrease as compared to when I first got them. I don't kno if it's just me feeling paranoid or something really did happen to the drivers.
  13. davidcotton

    Checked for wax blockage?
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  14. MistahBungle

    Adjusting to the sound sig perhaps ?

    I know I tend to do this after a few wks/a month with the two amps I have (they both have somewhat different sigs), so I normally swap amps when the sound sig gets a bit familar. It's almost like having new IEM's or a new source until that familiarity kicks in :)

    Have you tested with different sources/cables/anything else you can vary to rule the IEM's being the source of the issue in/out ?
  15. Brendanz
    I have been using a whiplash audio TWag gold non-om since somewhere in November. No I have not tested it with other sources other than my AK120
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