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1964 Ears

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  1. krismusic Contributor
    Always nice to have pro's onboard. Welcome. :)
  2. 64Audio
    Thanks krismusic, glad to be here!
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  3. leaky74
    Thinking of rationalising down my minimalist set up (AQ Nighthawks & Chord Mojo @ home and Momentum 2.0 AE portables for on the go), for a 'do it all' pair of C/IEM's. A little research has highlighted the regard that 1964 Ears seem to be held in. I'm thinking V3's, possibly V6 if I can stretch that far.

    Anyone made a similar move? Regrets? Any advice welcomed!
  4. MistahBungle

    Sorry I didn't see this 2 weeks ago :wink:

    64Audio don't make the V-series anymore, you have the A-series customs which are a fair bit more expensive than the 'equivalent' V-series customs. Mostly due to Apex I imagine, but also probably because their products are more well known than they were a couple of yrs ago, so I guess they can charge more than they did then. No idea if the equivalent A-series models sound different to the V-series & if so how different.

    If you're looking at buying V3 or V6 'pre-loved' (that's such an icky term :D) & having them reshelled, let me know - the V3's were my first CIEM in 2013 & I bought V6S early 2015 so can give you thoughts/impressions of those if you like.

    So far as 'regrets' go, nope, none whatsoever. No more buying foamies or worrying about non-detachable cables crapping out like with universals. Comfortable as the proverbial to wear (accuracy of your ear impressions is everything so far as this is concerned).
  5. leaky74

    Thanks for that. I've ended up ordering a pair of Noble's universals to try......will see what that kick-starts!! [​IMG] 
  6. MistahBungle

    Nice one :) Enjoy.
    leaky74 likes this.
  7. ranfan
485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494

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