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1964 Ears

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  1. aleki
    I have been looking at investing in a pair of customs for some time now. During my review hunt, these popped up from a comment someone posted about their top of the line sounding as good as the JH13's (from a pcmag review). Quite a bold statement; but it peaks my interest, considering their top of the line quad goes for $450 [​IMG]
    Facebook page (lots of pics)
    Any thoughts or experiences?
    Edit: For people just joining in, Check out Pages 20+ for impressions. When I learn how to, I'll create direct links to impression posts, that way you all dont have to keep digging.
    1964D (dual's):
    1964T (triple's):
    1964Q (quad's):
    Tex From Iowa
    Ericp10 < link to first impressions. Review pending.. [​IMG]
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  2. patate
    I was about to ask the same as I ran across the same post you mentioned.
    There is also this video on YouTube.
    I asked them about their Quad model :

  3. ppmd
    Thanks for the heads up.
    If they can compete with the JH13s at only $550, I'd definitely give them a crack.
    Can't wait for reviews once its released.
  4. ljokerl Contributor
    Custom silicone sleeves for universal IEMs listed as being only $80 on their site. Good deal even compared to the new $100 Ety custom sleeves.
  5. RockItToTheMoon
    I'm curious about these too. I called 1964 to ask if he could point me to any reviews of the product. He said that he's sent some to head-fiers to review. Anybody got one?
  6. funch
  7. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Wow - only $200 for their singledriver. I might have to order a pair to replace the old e3cs.
  8. JosephKim
    omgggg my wallettt. i swore i wouldnt get into customs
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  9. justyourboy
    Dang, now I'm interested... I know the more drivers doesn't equal the better monitor, but I'm interested and could even get the quad driver. Want to hear more about their products but can't find anything plus their artists listed on their site doesn't have any big names I've ever seen. (not that that means anything)
  10. Sil3nce Moderator


    tell me how it goes. i might buy one as well.
  11. justyourboy
    and nothing is showing on pcmag.com when searching for 1964 or 1964 ears
    their website doesn't even say when these quad drivers will be available... going to have to search their facebook page for someone who has owned UE or JH products as well as a 1964 IEM. The site says that the single drivers are good for classical style and jazz music, dual driver for vocalists and guitarists, and the triple driver for bassists and drummers, but doesn't say anything about the quad driver or even basic sonic signature summaries of any of them besides the "bass players and drummers will like the triple driver"... I will mostly be iPod'ing with my in ears as well as doing monitors for my church and even just listening to the front of house mix with these just to hear the quality when bored at church during the sound checks [​IMG]
  12. Sil3nce Moderator
    want to know how they compare so badly
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  13. GeorgeGoodman
    Just to keep things in perspective, Universal Melody offers their top of the line quad driver Mage for $600. On Headfonia.com, Mike plugs it into a Beta22 amp single endedly and says it has better soundstage than cans like the balanced HE5, Balanced HD650, and K701. He put its soundstage performance right below the balanced HD800. Note he said the soundstage is not like headphones, it is inside your head, but never the less he was amazed at its realism and three dimensionality. These 1964 customs do look like a really great deal, however. i could see spending $200 or maybe $275 on a pair of these. I plan on getting the balanced Ibasso Toucan, so is it possible to balance these customs? Who could I have do it inexpensively? Lastly, how would the sound quality from the dual driver one compare with something like the Westone 3 or Earsonics SM3? Thanks to anyone who answers my avalanche of questions.
  14. justyourboy
    Hopefully they send out some IEM's for people to demo here at head fi.
  15. Ronald Lee
    quite tempted to get this custom since the price is lower that the JH which is sound alomost similar to it! Review soon!
    Found it!
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