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Uncle Erik
Mar 18, 2006
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Too much work!

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Uncle Exotic

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    Too much work!
    Beer, motorcycles, literature, guns, cats, travel, woodwork, traditional wet shaving, and fountain pens.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Grado: HF-1, HF-2, HP-2
    AKG: K-240DF, K-340, K-1000
    Sennheiser: HD-414, HD-800
    Beyerdynamic: DT48 x2 (25 ohm, 200 ohm)
    Sony: MDR-SA5000
    Stax: Aperio Alpha, Omega 2, Mk. 1
    Shure: e3c
    Audio Technica: ATH-6
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dynalo, M3, Dynamid, CK2III, HeadSix, Beta22, Dynamight, Millett Hybrid, Millett ECC99, Eddie Current Zana Deux, Moth Si2A3.
    Source Inventory:
    H.H. Scott 350B (ca. 1961 FM tube multiplex (stereo)) receiver, Marantz SA8001 CD/SACD player, Michell Gyrodec upgraded to a full Orbe (AC), Harmon Kardon TD420 cassette deck, Hammarlund HQ-129X general coverage receiver (ca. 1946 AM, shortwave, etc.), Icom IC-756II amateur transceiver.
    Cable Inventory:
    Volex power cords and Blue Jeans Cables. I don't hear a difference between them and other cables, but I love their build quality and solid looks.
    Power-Related Components:
    Generic powerstrips.
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Speakers: Verhagen ribbons (DIY), ProAc 2.5 clones, Moth Audio Cicadas, ESS AMT-1, Quad ESL-63, Linkwitz Orion+.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Music Preferences:
    Rock, jazz, classical, country, as well as various and sundry subgenres thereof. And that's in no particular order, either. I'll listen to anything other than rap, death metal and opera.


    Nothing to see here. Move along.
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