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1964 Ears

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  1. Brendanz
    No wax blockage
  2. Ivabign
    If it is on both sides, chances are it isn't a driver problem - the odds of drivers in both sides going out at the same time is astronomical. 
    Go to this site and check out your phones - it can tell you how the drivers are performing....
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  3. eaglex3
    Can't wait for my V8s to come. Will write my first review when I receive them and compare to my Shure SE425s, Sennheiser Momentums as comparisons for my portable setup.
  4. Meowheng


    How do you find your V8 now? I'm still considering whether to pull the trigger on this...

  5. AnakBaru
    +1 to this.
  6. Ivabign
    I will say this right now - these monitors (and my JH16's and other new reshelled customs) made it painfully obvious I had to upgrade my source - I could hear how mediocre the HO was on my iMac - and the limitations of my phone and iPod. I recently got a DX90 and everything opened up - I have a soft spot for 8 driver headphones - Used to have a pair of Heir 8A's. The V8's are such a great phone. I haven't written a review on Head-Fi yet - and I write for a living - go figure. A little more time and I should be able to birth a few more detailed impressions/comparisons. These deserve more than a cursory blurb.
    At the price you can't go wrong - when making comparisons - you have to include models in the $1200 plus category - I have looked closer at the build and see that they are using vented BA's for the lows - they look a lot like the BA's used in the Roxanne. Also the high frequency drivers are placed a long way from the canal - they have a long tube - much like what JHA does with the FreqPhase to align the output so everything hits your eardrum at the same time.
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  7. SilverEars
    I'm getting my V3 soon.  I can't believe how quickly they had mine done.  It took a week to make mine.  Anyway, 1964 customer service is top notch base on my experience. Hopefully, it would be an improvement of the 2-way triples I had.  V3 is 3-way.
    I guess the time could vary depends on how simple the materials and artwork that needs to be put on.
  8. davidcotton

    Did you use rush or not?
  9. SilverEars
    I didn't use rush, but possibly rush can be even quicker.  It could depend on how much they are backed up with order though I guess.  If you do rush, they will probably push your order quicker, and like I said it probably depends on what additional options you include when you put your order in.
    I probably got lucky.
  10. voldak
    Update to my whole conundrum. I'm on mobile and I'm not finding my old post easily.

    In short, I LOVE my quads! It took me right at 3 months to get them in due to all of my issues with impressions, but it was well worth the wait.

    1964 Ears was very accommodating during the whole ordeal and took care of my issues and concerns completely.

    My only issue I am having now is finding a longer cord. It seems like my cord is a baby. I need about a 8-10 foot cord. I'm just not sure what to order since I have recessed sockets. Any recommendations?

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  11. davidcotton

    Don't 1964 ears sell a longer cord themselves? Shoot them an email and ask.
  12. MistahBungle
    1964Ears sell 64" cables (5'4"), so probably a bit short for his needs (given he says he needs 8-10').

    Voldak - Most cable manufacturers will make you custom lengths, but expect to pay a fair bit more than the 1964Ears stock cables accordingly. Maybe get in touch with Ted Allen @ HeadphoneLounge.com, I'm sure Ted will make a cable at the length you need at a price that will be very competitive with anyone else (make sure you mention the recessed sockets, not sure if this makes a difference or not, but better to be safe). I've had Ted make me two fairly standard length cables & have been happy with price/service/etc & he's fantastic to deal with.
  13. joncirca57
    Hmmm, V6s or V8, V6s or V8 . . .  Tough call since the price is so close and both get such nice comments . . .
  14. SilverEars
    Is it just me or did my new V3 take some time for it to open up?  I didn't believe in burn-in until I noticed my V3 sound more open after few hours of listening.  It sounds more detailed after it was used for a few hours.
  15. SilverEars
    In the beginning few hours, I would say it sounded like doo doo especially the vocals.   Now, after a few hours, it sound more detailed and clear, and vocals sound much better.  I like them.  [​IMG]  I noticed they added more bass to their 3 driver edition since the previous triples which lacked bass.
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