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1964 Ears

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  1. creamsoda
    Upgraded my V6-stages to the V8.  After a couple of weeks with them, I offer my impressions.
    First order of business: So. Much. More. Bass.  Especially mid bass, not a whole lot more sub bass.  Any track you have with a tight punchy kick drum will knock your socks off.  1964's comparison chart shows the mids of the V6-Stages as being heightened compared to the V8: that is completely accurate.  However, you can see that the chart shows the same treble levels between the two but it's definitely tuned differently.  The treble drivers / tweeters are positioned as far away from the tips as possible even when compared to the v6 stages.  There isn't nearly as much upper mids as the V6-stages, and I find the treble much more natural.  It's a little rolled off like in real life or with high end hi fi systems, as opposed to being extended with the V6-stages which can get fatiguing with sibilant tracks.  I don't miss any of the details though, it's all there, just placed further back and IMHO, more realistic.
    Imaging, clarity and separation are just as good as the V6S for sure.  The massive amounts of bass helps fill out the soundstage compared with the V6S, you can definitely crank these up.
    If you don't like tons of bass... do not bother with these.  I'm somewhat a basshead and even I find it a bit much sometimes for some tracks depending on how they're mastered (or if the track has continuous bass at certain frequencies).  Then I change the track to something with more tightly controlled bass and I don't regret getting these at all...
  2. SilverEars
    I agree, at least based on my impressions of V3, although have not got up to their top of the line.  My V3 does well, but personally, I would change the tuning a bit.  I would taper the low-mid bass, and it would be better as it gets in the way of vocal body clarity.
  3. joncirca57

    Thanks for the review! I am trying to choose between these to options. Are you happy with the change? I currently have some neutral CIEMs (UE10) but when traveling thinking some additional bass would be nice.
  4. fueltank
    Damn, I'm tempted to upgrade my quads to the V8's!
  5. jonyoo
    Hmm I like bass but recessed upper mids and far away sounding treble? Doesn't sound like my cup of tea. Would still like to try it out though.
  6. creamsoda
    @fueltank I have first generation quads (which I was told are much warmer than later revisions) - and these are like a scaled up version but with noticeably more clarity in the highs and mids as well as sharper imaging and a wider soundstage.  The bass is also arranged in a different manner.  I borrowed a set of Adam A7x for about 2 weeks and noticed that they were clearer and more detailed than my quads - the V6-stage and V8 match those in clarity IMO, with the former being closer in sound signature to the A7x.  So if you want an idea of what more clarity and detail sounds like, try those studio monitors out and compare them against your earphones.  If you don't hear a difference with the A7x vs your quads then you just saved yourself a lot of money haha.
    @joncirca57 - i am happy with the change as I originally wanted the treble tuned down but decided to fork over extra cash to get the V8s instead.  With the V6-Stage, the treble was the limiting factor for me turning the earphones up further in volume, but with the V8, the bass is now the limiting factor before my ears hurt lol.  I'd rather that.
    @jonyoo - that depends on your perspective.  a lot of earphones these days have boosted upper mids and extended treble to bring out the details, but that doesn't sound natural to my ears and it's not what I hear when I listen to high end speaker systems.  Apart from the enormous amount of bass they provide, the V8's upper mid to treble tuning runs in line with what I would hear in most audiophile speaker systems I've listened to.  But yes, there are times where I wish there was less bass and more mids.  In terms of sound signature... think of a UM3X but with more soundstage, clarity across the spectrum, and with much punchier, deeper bass.  These are all stage monitors after all.
  7. joncirca57
    Thanks creamsoda for the notes--much appreciated!  Sounds like a fun departure from my more analytical UE10s.  I am sure JH16s would also fit the bill, but I don't mind saving some $$ too. . .  
  8. SilverEars
    After extended listen of my V3, I think these are fantastic CIEMs.  I only have bass interfering with vocal problem with one track(which vocals were poorly recorded), so it may not respond specific recordings, but it wasn't a great recording to begin with.  When I feed it great recording, it does indeed respond well.  I think value wise, it's great deal for how much it cost.  It provides fantastic sound with custom fit.  I think the addition of bass, creates sense of stage, or wider space, and the sound doesn't get fatiguing so it's not too sparkly of a treble, it extends enough to give you the details.  I like the vocals out of these, I think they tuned it to bring out the mids slightly compared to their last model, the triples.  Is it as perfect as my HE-6 out of my desktop amp? No, IMO, no iem could achieve the level of my HE-6.  
    I don't think I gave these a fair assessment since I got the HE-6 the same time I auditioned these.  I kept comparing with my HE-6 which was unfair.
  9. SilverEars
    I'm listening to Mariah Carey right now as I love her voice.  I think my V3 great for hip-hop and R&B.  [​IMG] 
  10. Sabsjl
    Just got my V3 shipped in and found distortion in low end on my left monitor. :frowning2: Anyone had that happen to you before?
  11. MistahBungle
    No. Notify them immediately (once you've definitely excluded all other possible causes, of course). Sooner you get it sorted the better for everyone concerned.
  12. vaed
    Just paid an invoice for a set of Demo V8's! I had the choice between demoing them or the V6s, though in all honestly I'll probably be demoing them back to back. Can't wait to receive them.
  13. nmatheis Contributor

    I look forward to your impressions!
  14. AnakBaru
    My V8 is shipped...woo hooooo[​IMG]
  15. Sludig
    Waiting for impressions...
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