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1964 Ears

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  1. dwins050
    I have been demoing some 1964's and have been in frequent e-mail contact with them. I asked about the Memorial sale and can confirm rookie2009's post, no sale this year. I was told they have a lot of orders pending and they don't want existing customers pushed back from the influx of sale orders.
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  2. Ivabign
    I have noticed that as the hours have piled up, the treble has opened up more - still very smooth, but more present. I can't comment on BA burn-in, but I have heard a change. Also agree that the bass does not cover over mids/highs - I can hear the power of a kick drum and a bass, but over here in the corner is an acoustic guitar keeping pace - I hear every note.
  3. Laike
    That's a serious bummer. I sent them an email with some questions yesterday morning and haven't heard back from them still. I guess I'll be waiting to see if they do a Labour Day sale then. 
  4. dwins050

    They are pretty good with e-mail response times. I typically hear back from them late the following day.  
  5. Ivabign
    Here is a photo that displays the tweeter positioning on the V8 - all the way at the back of the IEM - very similar to the JH FreqPhase positioning - I do not find the highs recessed at all - but they aren't sibilant either - very present and accounted for - and I am a relatively older guy, so it isn't like I have a tolerance for high frequencies - if they were recessed, I'd have a hell of a time hearing them...
  6. rookie2009

    Hi mate
    Just wondering,how does the fit of the v8 feel in the universal shell,i would be going for a v6 in the universal shape myself. Do they lug out much from your ear,hopefully not on roxanne universal scale lol..hows isolation?
  7. Ivabign
    They are really small - they don't sit out much at all - isolation is great as long as I don't use the tips they provided - lol. I have large ear canal openings and have issues with Universals - I need really large tips or they fall out. I had some of the large Complys (I think 500 - same ones I used on TF10 & IE8) and got a great fit and seal.
  8. dwins050
    You have a flagship CIEM (JH16FP) and a top tier universal (V8). When I'm done evaluating 1964 demo's, I need to decide universal or custom. Do you have a preference and can you provide any info that would help the decision?
  9. Ivabign
    All things being equal - if I was to only have one IEM, it would be a custom - the fit, isolation and sound can't be beat. After I got all my customs, I wanted something TOTL  I could share with friends, co-workers, etc... Then the V8 was announced - at $100 off - I was considering something like a SE846 or other high end universal - but I knew that 1964 offered universal versions of their customs for $25 off list price. Now I have a soft spot for 8BA headphones - just have a nice sound - very capable. I took a step back and thought to myself...
    Wow - a 8BA Universal with a dynamic sound signature for $775? 2 year warranty and I get to pick colors? That'll work. I didn't think the W60 for $999 or the SE846 for $999 or the 3003 for $1299 or the IE800 for $999 would necessarily be money better spent.
    I can't tell you how glad I am that I made the decision - I even paid $100 for 6 day processing (2 days before they bumped it to $199 - whew!)
    If I didn't have the customs I have - the V8's would have been CIEMs.
  10. dwins050
    Thanks for the response. That's helpful information. Would different listening habits change your preference? While at work I have to periodically remove my earphones quickly to speak with people or answer the phone. Would customs make that difficult?
  11. AnakBaru
    For me 335DW is still the best sounding IEM (I auditioned the Demo at headfonia) I ever put in my ear to date, with more than twice the price of the V8 (at least here in Jakarta), it better be [​IMG].
    But if the question is 335DW two times better in term of sound Vs 1964 V8, its definitely not.
    V8 come quite close to 335DW imho...its in par with my TG334. I also auditioned Heir 8ai (universal) and it doesn't compete with the V8, again imho.
    The reason I didn't go straight to 335DW is because this is my first CIEM, I don't know whether I will like CIEM or not.
    So many fit problem (even local CIEM dealer do not want to take order on CIEM anymore that make me go straight to 1964 US) but when it fits, it will be sublime.
    So I went the V8 route first to test the water on CIEM before really jump into the 335DW later on.
    I'm listening to Titanium feat. Sia - David Guetta in WAV while writing this, and I never heard it this good except with my LCD-XC...the bass is so full but not hurting nor boomy, its just feels right.
    Listening to Sara Bareilles Brave - Live (HD Tracks), I can hear the vocal is fall a bit short compare with my TG334, the TG334 vocal is very pure and clear while the V8 a bit restrained not veiled but it really don't reach the level of clarity provided by TG334, perhaps because it still new and I'm using stock cable (unbalanced) while for the TG I use balanced silver, both using AK240 as source.
    Bottom line is, for me 335DW is still my grail, they say the 335DW SR is even better but I never hear them.
    But I don't have the slightest regret in procuring this great 1964 V8, in fact I'm very happy with it, I currently have slight tight sensation in my right ear but the 1964 team told me to wear it for a week and see, if the uncomfortable sensation didn't go away it means I need a refit...other than that...I'm a happy 1964 V8 owner [​IMG].
  12. Ivabign
    It is actually quicker and easier for me to remove (and especially replace) my custom IEMs vs my universals.... 
  13. Ivabign
    Give the drivers a bit of time to open up a bit - you will hear a difference. IMHO
  14. nmatheis Contributor

    Damn, I wish I had friends and coworkers like you :)
  15. dwins050
    Thats good to know. Makes the decision a little easier.
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