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1964 Ears

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  1. Ivabign
    You almost have to - when a "regular" person asks about your headphones and if the conversation winds around to cost - even at 50% it freaks them out - so if they can see the workmanship and hear some nicely recorded tunes - sometimes you get a convert.
  2. nmatheis Contributor

    I've let some coworkers try out my HE-400 and various low and mid-tier IEMs. With as much hassle as I have keeping universals in my ears, I'm sure I'll convert to a pair of customs. I live in Portland, so I plan on stopping by 1964 Ears someday for an audition.
  3. Laike
    I'll have to send them another email if I don't hear back from them today then. It's been a solid 48 hours since I sent my original email. 
  4. zeppu08

    Why wont you try their Facebook page? They always reply on my too either FB or email.. They really help alot..
  5. dwins050

    My experience has been fairly positive with e-mail responses, and stated delivery times. Shoot them another e-mail. I would be surprised if you didn't get a timely response.
  6. tariqi

    I've called them and each time they've picked up (during business hours). Definitely the fastest way to get an answer to your question.
  7. Laike
    Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. I tried their Facebook yesterday, no response. So I sent them a follow up email early this morning and finally got a response back this afternoon from Alex. I guess now is the sit and wait for Labour Day weekend and hope for a sale :)
  8. fluffyberry

    Those drivers are really compacted...i wonder If your impressions have to be a certain size or do they just find a way to squeeze everything in
  9. bobby12
    Can anyone give me the interior dimensions of the personalized case? The website doesn't list it and I'm not getting mines until next month.
    I wanted to know if it can fit my portable charger, DAP and CIEMS inside.
  10. Ivabign
    I imagine the universals have a smaller interior volume than most any custom they would build - so yes they can squeeze the BA's in. 
    **** also the interior dimension of the 1964 Ears case is 5" x 2.75" x 1" - THAT IS if you pull out the foam insert - which I believe would leave you with an unpadded lower case - the insert is made for your CIEMs, and accessories - not a DAP - the case on the right is the exact same one - just supplied by Inearz - and it is thinly padded top and bottom - the 1964 version has the insert glued in.
    See photo
  11. bobby12
    awesome thanks. maybe if I cut out the foam where the accessories are supposed to be and sqeeze them in with the cables... :D
  12. dwins050
    I'm kinda working my way through the 1964 line up with demo's. I started with the V3 last month and I currently have the Qi and V6. I like the V6 the most so far, but in your opnion would the V8 be a "no brainer" choice if the money difference is not an issue?
  13. ethanc

    v6, v6s, and v8 are not "upgrades" to one another, rather than different sound, with v6 being most balanced, v6s being a bit bassier (for stage use they say), and v8 yet being even more thicker, warmer, and bassier. It's all up to what you prefer.
  14. Ivabign
    I'm onboard with you when you state that the various offerings from 1964 Ears are not an upgrade path - and I'll also buy that the V8 is basser than the V6 - but a description of the V8 as warm and thick makes it sound like my old 8A's - The V8 is a very detailed monitor with great soundstage and presentation - but it isn't a thick, warm (read: slow, colored) can. I'm pretty sure you didn't mean it to sound that way - they have the ability to play big bass while presenting the other frequencies with great detail. I'm liking them more and more.
  15. dwins050
    I get what ur saying, they each have their own sonic character and not necessarily and "upgrade" over the other. But I think (hope) there is a hierarchy or progression. Adding drivers, sound bores and cost isn't just to differentiat monitors within the line-up. I get the destinct impression they are searching for sonic improvements and that buyers are expecting that. Anyway......all I really want to know is does the "big bass" of the V8 over power the other frequencies at times or does it just hit hard when called for? Hoping you responded because you have the V8 and can answer the question. Thanks..
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