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1964 Ears

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  1. davidcotton
    I think someone near the start of this massive thread had some but as you say most of the focus has been on the v3 and then v6.  Even the quads don't get much attention lately.
  2. JuzModa
    Hi guysss :) i am like 15 years old. And i am in a dilemma whther or not to get a custom iem? Shld i? Like will my ear shape change very fast?
    Cheers hope u guys can answer my qusestion
  3. davidcotton
    Recieved wisdom apparantly would be to wait until you are at least 19-20 and your ears stop changing.  Or you could go ahead and have it done now but just be aware you will likely need a new shell done when you reach that age anyway.
  4. JuzModa
    So if i get one now it can last like 4 to 5 years before i change?
  5. surge
    i got a live wires custom for my niece when she was 14-15 as she is a drummer and needs a monitor on stage.  and by 17 it has become too loose for any bass to happen in them. so...no customs(unless you have money to burn)...better to get a universal and like others have said, when you hit 21 then sell e universal and get a custom by then.
    5 years is quite a while, look to the bright side, save a dollar a day and by then you should be able to afford a custom with like 20 drivers per side..(when i got my niece her customs, 3 driver per channel was like the norm(and cost me abt USD500 and 4 driver is supreme...that was in 2009...abt 5 years back too)
  6. fluffyberry

    I'm only slightly older than you are but i agree with the others in that you should wait...common consensus in this and a variety of other ciem threads is that it really isnt worth it because your ear shape is still going to change quite a bit in the coming years, meaning that you will almost definately need to get them reshelled regularly. the cost of impression taking/shipping/reshelling is going to be quite substantial, especially for people our age. so the best thing to do is just wait it out, and just save up and get a really good one when the time is right [​IMG]
  7. JuzModa
    Do u think the sound quality will be bad if i get universal version of custom? And the isolation too. Like alot
  8. davecerv
    Hello everyone! My name is David and I just made an account to show my appreciation towards these amazing ears I finally relieved yesterday. Two of my friends have '64 ears so that's why I felt comfortable doing this investment with this great company.

    First off Im a drummer. I'm no "audiophile" but I like things to sound good. Before these I had some big audio technica earphones that I used for performing (drums) and recording.
    Anyway, I took the plunge and got the
    V6-Stage ears. Translucent dark blue, awesome artwork on the left ear and brushed aluminum faceplate on right with the same artwork outlined with my initials. AMAZING work. Just like I imagined it. The sound is just like I always wanted earphones to sound...soooooo gooood. I've yet to perform with them. I will this weekend!



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  9. s0c9
    It depends on your ears.. the universals will be cheaper ( no molds) but sound quality is a matter of opinion. Isolation won't really matte rmuch if the seal is good and you have music playing..
  10. Ultrainferno
    Man you have deep ear canals!
  11. Gorillaz
    any news about the 8 driver model?
  12. Ivabign
    It's on the website
    $799 intro price for 8 driver. Nice
  13. davecerv
    I do?
  14. davecerv

    I do? I didn't know haha
  15. threeserious
    I received my V6-S yesterday, and have been listening to them nearly every minute since.  ( I can't add pictures for some reason, so here - http://i.imgur.com/x9AkFyd.jpg )
    I love these IEMs.  Separation is fantastic, mids are forward, and the lows/sub are exactly what they should be.  I had a pair of Westone UM Pro 30s that I returned before ordering these, and I think the bass on the 30's was more pronounced, but bass seems (at least to me) to be more accurate on the V6-S.  I'm glad I went with this model; I love bass, but I don't like it to overpower what I am listening to, and I really enjoy the bass presentation on these.  For reference, I'm using a schiit magni/modi stack and FLAC rips, so far of Lateralus by Tool, the Bends by Radiohead and Discovery by Daft Punk.
    These are my first pair of customs, and it did take a little getting used to shoving them in my ears.  The right feels like it might be a tad too deep, but I am going to give it a few days to see if it is just me getting used to customs, or if there is actually an issue, there.  1964 has been great to work with so far, so I'm not worried about getting any issues resolved if need be.
    Next up I'm looking for a good portable dac/amp solution, thinking JDS C5D.
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