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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    The wait is well worth it. I love my v6 stage although more for personal use than stage use.
  2. ericr

    Which leaves me curious what you prefer for stage use.

    Even more, I'm interested in your impressions of the V6 Stage as compared to your other gear, especially the UERM and the Fischer Amps FA-4E XB.
  3. rawrster
    Well I don't prefer anything for stage use as I haven't been on a stage in many years :p Sorry that was worded poorly. I meant that I just use my iems for personal use.
    It's a bit hard to compare since they all have different signatures. Also the UERM is a bit ahead of the V6 Stage and the V6 Stage is a bit ahead of the FA-4 so they are all at different levels although the differences probably isn't as large as you would think. 
  4. voldak
    I got my refits in today. They are quite a bit better, but I still think that they aren't perfect. These are my first customs so i'm just curious if this is something i'm going to have to get used to. My main issue is that when I put my head level or above level some of the seal breaks and I can hear more outside sound. It's not fully open like it was before. It seems that the refit fixed it about half way. I'm just wondering if this is something that I'm going to have to get used to or if I need to send them back again. 
    Any thoughts?
  5. s0c9
    I claim no expertise in this area, but my guess is that your initial molds were not done properly.. even if 1964 accepted them. The audiologist that did mine has sent many impressions to 1964 and took a 2nd impression of my left ear (at no charge) as she didn't think it would be a good fit, even if 1964 could use it. I sent them all three. 
    If you read my earlier "review" (http://www.head-fi.org/t/519457/1964-ears-the-appreciation-thread/4620#post_10280763 ) you'll note that I recently took a couple of long plane rides with them. There was no discomfort up until the 4 hr mark, and even then, it was probably more of an irritation than anything else.
    With them in, the was NO jet noise.. if I twisted my head far enough left or right, or up or down, sure.. the seal loosened a TINY bit, but was back to normal right after. By NO noise I mean almost complete isolation. With volume just above "off" I was able to hear the musc and movie clearly.
    Mine (also my first full set) do NOT behave in the manner you have described. I'm not sure what your choices are now, but it sounds like the initial impressions were not that good to begin with.. Sorry.. I know that's not much consolation.
  6. voldak
    Yea. That's what my dream would be. Before I sent in my set for the first refit I asked if I needed to get better impressions from somewhere. They said no. My original impressions and order were accepted around Jan. 8th, 2014. This is starting to turn into a nightmare. I'm currently on a break from multiple groups, but I start to hit the road heavy again in a little less than 2 weeks. Ughh..
  7. s0c9
    Having read about your issues before mine arrived - I had [obvious] cause for concern. However, mine have turned out fine. 
    I feel your pain, and honestly don't have any experience with refits on which to base any suggestions.. except to keep working with them. My research has shown that they do their best to get it right.
  8. MistahBungle

    Go back to your audiologist (or choose another ?), tell them the impressions weren't 100% (clearly looks the case), ask for them to be re-done, tell 1964 you want them re-done based on the new impressions. If it were me, I'd want it sorted properly first time, rather than a potential 'band-aid solution' which still might give you issues down the track (and when you'll be outside the refit period & have to pay more to get it sorted).
    s0c9 likes this.
  9. Cadder
    I am ordering my V6Stage now, could you tell me if i need recessed sockets upgrade? Can the cable be replaced with that upgrade?
    Do recessed sockets improve iems durability?
  10. Ultrainferno
    I have recessed sockets on mine, I wouldn't recommend it. I wanted to try another cable yesterday and it couldn't fit because of that.
  11. Cadder
    Do you think those  recessed sockets improve durability?
  12. Ultrainferno
    That is a given fact.
  13. Sabsjl
    What do you guys think of the V3? I'm thinking of getting my first ever customs, but can't decide if I want to go through all that trouble or just get the Earsonics SM64. Was also wondering about the soft canals / ambience filter. Are those worth it?
  14. shakur1996
    Ultrainferno, as far as I remember you from Cosmic Ears thread you have BA4f. Could you please make a short comparison between BA4f and V6S?
  15. Ultrainferno
    I will, just give me a few more days to listen some more
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