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1964 Ears

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  1. ericr

    While I don't have any customs to compare, my V6-S universals just came in and are pretty impressive. A very noticeabe improvement over the W4R, and even better than the SM64 in many ways. Plus I can share them with others!

    The included tips were too small for a good seal so it took some fiddling to figure out of the tips I had that sealed well and were comfortable, which sounded the best.

    Due to the triple bore design they are fairly wide in the nozzle and might not work for someone with narrow canals, though.
  2. davidcotton

    Nice!  Any pics to share?
  3. davidcotton

    You need a minimum amount of posts before posting images, in the meantime here you go :-
  4. drm870
  5. davecerv
    Yeah I found out yesterday, quadruple lows…? more bass than the quads…? seems like toooo much but I guess thats what some people desire! I really like that level comparison chart they have now. 
    I feel no regret at all with my V6S ears. 
  6. vaed
    It's a very peculiar sound signature, indeed, especially at the price point. Maybe it's going to be something like an Heir 8.a?
  7. sq3rjick

    If it's anything like the 8.A, I'm going to get one. I've been in the fence about getting a v6 stage, but the V8 sound signature should complement my Noble K10 quite nicely (whereas the V6 or V6 stage compare more to the K10).

    I can't wait to hear impressions!
  8. vaed
    I don't want to be the one that started the V8 = 8.a hype train, hahaha! I'm teasing, but from the graph of the V8 and that it uses 8 drivers just like the Noble 8 and the heir 8.a, I wouldn't doubt it.
    I myself am watching Noble pretty closely as well; I'm not sure if I want something like the 8.a/v8 first which has an unabashedly colored signature or something like the v6s/K10 which is more neutral. Ahh, audiophile problems.
    Lastly, this is quite a silent reveal for 1964 ears. The only place I've seen it mentioned was this thread!
  9. sq3rjick
    I actually have the 8.A and the K10. The K10 is orgasmic. It's out of this world. But I've really been wanting to try something new from 1964ears. I keep coming back to them. I want to reward an American company, and I really like what I've been seeing. I am not looking for a neutral headphone. I want something fun. I think that the V8 will fit what I'm looking for, and at that price is going to be hard to resist them.

    I do hope that they'll be different enough from the 8.A, but at 66⅝ of the price, I'm not going to be too bummed out if they're not. The sound signature looks to be exactly what I'm currently looking for.
  10. ericr

    Left my camera at work, so here's the best my phone can capture. Black face plates with silver logo, and red wine body & tip.

  11. JuzModa
    universal ? V what?
  12. Cotnijoe
    looks like V 6 Stage
    very nice universals! How are the canals with tip rolling though?
  13. Levanter
    What?? Did they change the universal design again? Mine has much shorter canals than that!
  14. mhcoss201012
    Hi all!! I have a few questions about the v6/s universals, emailed 1964ears but I think they will not reply me or it may take several weeks for them to see my email and reply me, so I just post the questions here and hope someone can help me![​IMG]
    1. What are the prices of the universal V6 and V6S? Are they the same of their basic prices of the custom versions?
    2. Can customers customize the shell color and the faceplate color of the universals?
    3. Is custom artwork available for universals?
    4. Is recessed sockets available for universals?
    5. How much will the international shipping cost? 
    I know some of the answers can be found in the thread but these are the questions I emailed to 1964ears, I just copied and pasted it.[​IMG]
  15. mhcoss201012
    The (new?) shape of the shell looks quite similar to the old Westone W line; how is the comfort compared to W4r?
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