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1964 Ears

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  1. mhcoss201012
    Already received the reply from 1964:
    1. The universals are still handmade so the cost is only $25 cheaper than the customs. 
    2. You will be ordering using the designer so you can select colors for the shell and faceplate. 
    3. Yes
    4. No, the universals don't have space for a recessed socket. 
    5. You can add a random earphone to your cart and enter your address for a shipping quote https://1964ears.com/iems/options
  2. ericr

    And thus the "universals are still handmade" statement I guess.

    What do you think about the length of yours? Have you ever thought longer would be better? A few times I've thought about sending mine back to be shortened.
  3. Levanter

    Hmm quite subjective since our ears are different, but i find the length okay for me. Isolation and fit wise is similar with other universals, though it would have been perfect for me if they had tips in between medium and small size.
  4. FlySweep
    If I was ordering a universal, I'd probably send a set of impressions for the order and ask if the ear pieces' "universal" tip can be shaped in such a way that it reaches the second bend/reference plane, etc. of my ear.. with some room for compensation/adjustment with the supplied ear tips. Don't know if they'd be willing to do that, but no harm in asking, I suppose.
  5. davidcotton

    If you are sending in impressions why not go for the full custom?  Universals are really for people who don't/can't be bothered to go to an audiologist!
  6. Sabsjl
    I'm curious how affected the sound would be between a universal and a custom. I'm planning to get a V3.
  7. Sabsjl
    Sorry if I wan't clear, I meant universal V3 vs the normal V3.
  8. FlySweep
    Cause I'd want a universal..
    ..just a better fitting universal.  My suggestion was for the guy/s who said they found the stem/nozzle on their 1964Ears universal too long (or short.. or wide.. or fat, etc.).  My reasoning behind providing impressions for a "universal fit" custom IEM is that 1964Ears could mold the 'universal' part of their custom (the stem/nozzle) to better suit the customer's ears (while still keeping it a universal).
    True, but some (perhaps, many?) people want to experience the SQ of a particular multi-driver custom.. but might:
    -not want the (high degree of) isolation a (true) custom fit provides.
    -find the smaller contact area of universal fit IEM (where just the ear tip seals the canal) to be more comfortable than a custom (where much of the outer ear, bowl, inner ear, etc., is filled by acrylic/silicone).
    -improve resale value (no need to reshell a universal for the next owner).
  9. ericr
    FWIW, another difference is my V6 are the Stage with the triple bore nozzle.  Just noticed if held up to the light you can see they have tubes running from (and around) drivers and down through the lenght of the nozzle.
  10. ericr
    Tip rolling is fine, though I just couldn't get the Star tips on for some reason. :wink:     While the wide nozzle limits the number of tips in my collection I can choose from it was suprising to me how most of my TF10ish tips (Monster Supertips, etc.) fit on these.  Currently I've settled on the large size silicone tips that came with the Brainwavz R1.
    Both my W4 and SM64 give a very comfortable and easy fit.  The V6-SU fit is pretty close to that, but with a bit of fullness inside the canal you don't feel with the others.  Until my head hits the pillow, and then the comfort drops another notch or too due to the lenth of the nozzle.  It's not enough to keep me from wearing them at night though.
  11. davecerv
    *Nothing to do with the current convo going on*

    So I ordered the longer cable for my '64 ears and well has anyone here ever tried to disconnect the cables? I tried and it's hard. I don't want to use too much force in fear of breaking something.
  12. hejjafish
    Use some needle nose pliers but put some paper towel in between.
  13. rawrster
    did you get the recessed pin option? I had a lot of trouble with removing the cable the first time. I had to slowly pull while rocking it back and forth a bit until I was able to remove it.
  14. Ivabign
    Hmmmm $775 for a 8 BA fun sounding Custom/Universal that you can customize....
  15. davecerv

    I have the regular pins. I successfully got them out by rocking them back and forth! Such a scary procedure haha
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