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1964 Ears

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  1. faithguy19
    I can't really comment on the Earsonics SM64 but I can testify to the fact that the V3 are a blast to listen to.  Easily my favorite IEM to listen to.
  2. threeserious
    Ordered my 1964 V6-Stages last night! Ear impressions get there tomorrow, so now I wait.  Any idea how long the wait might be on a non-rush order?  I am the most impatient person on earth, but $100 for impatient tax didn't seem quite worth it.  I hope they get here quick!
  3. rawrster
    The wait is usually around a month or so depending on their back log. Some users here mentioned they had a status tracking system now letting people know how far into the process their order is.
  4. davidcotton
    If you don't want to go through with the hassle of customs then 1964ears will (or did, you'd have to email to confirm) sell a v3 universal model.  It won't be quite as good as the custom obviously but it would give you an idea.
  5. shakur1996
    Can someone please write a brief comparison between V6 and V6s? Is the difference just in the quantity of bass or the quality as well? Moreover, are there are any other differences?
  6. hejjafish
    I own both so, I'll do my best.
    Both are very good and both are pretty similar but, to my ears, the main difference is in the bass presentation. The V6-S has more sub bass and a touch more overall bass in quantity. This does make the v6-s sound more thick and a little less clear than the v6. I would say the v6 is more for the audiophile while the v6-s is for the musician. I prefer the v6. Both are solid choices.
  7. shakur1996
    Hejjafish, many thanks for your impressions. Would you say that the difference in bass is just of 2db or so or S version has significanlty more bass? Does this "less clear" character of S version is very noticeable or is very subtle?
  8. hejjafish
    The v6-s certainly doesn't have significantly more bass. I think it seems like more because of the boost to the sub bass region. The clarity of the v6-s vs the v6 is subtle. Again I think it's because of the sub bass boost. If I hadn't compared the two side by side I don't think I'd feel the same about the v6-s.
  9. rawrster
    I was quite surprised when I got my v6 stage. I definitely expected more bass but it's around my signature preferences so no complaints here.
  10. graffy1
    I'm thinking about ordering one of V6 series.
    As you know 1964ears has 2 models for V6 line.
    I already have ES5 of westone, which rich bass and vocal, so I would choose the one for clear and more vocal-centric sound.
    I like the sound of PFE112.
    So, based on my preference, which one would be better, V6 or V6 stage? :)
  11. voldak
    I ended up going to a recommended audiologist that was 3 hours away (round trip). The impressions are still absolute garbage. Now, I have to make another trip down there and send the impressions back to Portland. I'm not upset with anybody in particular, just really pissed at the whole situation. I ordered my ears over 2 months ago and I start touring on Friday with no final product. I should have just went with a universal.
    It'll probably a while before I can go back to the audiologist to get a 4th impression, so I'm not sure what the story is going to be. To say i'm bummed out would be an extreme understatement.
  12. ericr
    Sorry to hear about all the hassle - I know I would be bummed & frustrated.
  13. s0c9
    Sorry to hear about the hassles.. I would be as frustrated as you are at this point. 
    Seems like the start is getting GOOD impressions as the end result is basically garbarge in, garbage out.
  14. MistahBungle
    Damn. That really sucks :frowning2: For a recommended audiologist to not do them perfectly isn't acceptable. Don't blame you for being bummed out one bit.

  15. jmatushin
    So I know the V3 is the standard lowest around here, but has anyone tried the V2? I'm keeping an eye out for details on the model, but I can't find anything explicitly about it. What's the sound signature like, how's the value for the dollar, etc. I guess at the point where the V3s are only $50 more, it's almost an unnecessary model, but I'm still curious. Thanks in advance.
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