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1964 Ears

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  1. s0c9
    Based on my current order.. steps are:
    1. Order Received
    2. Impressions Accepted 
    3. Impressions trimmed
    4. ??
    I'm at #3 as I type, tho' I may get an update later today..
  2. Ultrainferno
    corrected/ updated
    1. Order Received
    2. Impressions Accepted 
    3. Impressions trimmed
    5. Shells poured
    6. Assembled
    10. Shipped
  3. Phidailo
    Hi All,
    I'm a new member but have been a long time lurker on the forum.  I came across 1964 ears about two weeks ago and decided to put in an order of the V6S last week.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to the information in this thread.  I didn't read through all 300+ pages but went through about 1/3 of it.  I paid for the rush processing and the turn around time appears to be quick.  I sent an email to 1964 ears the day my impressions reached their office for confirmation and at the same time asked when the estimated delivery would be.
    1/22 Order Received
    1/27 Impressions Accepted
    2/3 Estimated shipping date
    2/5 Estimated delivery
    I paid for the rush processing because I want to have them for my long business trip to Jakarta (~25 hrs travel time each way).  I have not listened to the V6S but I read they have a neutral sound, which is what I'm looking for.  I was on the verge of getting the Westone W40s after testing them out from a friend, but I'm hoping they will sound better.  I'm very excited because this is my first ciem as I'm coming from old Westone UM2 and UM1. 
  4. davidcotton

    Welcome to headfi, sorry about your wallet, and good luck with the fit!
  5. TimOgawa
    I saw the V8 advertisement at NAMM 2014
  6. JMK420
    7 should be buffing or something along those lines or 8
    and I missed it and it went shipped today! 
    WAIT!!! I think there is an artwork one before buffing! haha :D and before that there is also a Faceplate attach or something along those lines
    I saw it online! 
    So this arrived today! I am pretty damn excited to try them out with my V6S :D 
    Also! My V6S is arriving tomorrow! It's being shipped already by fedex overnight!
  7. fluffyberry
  8. JMK420
    should be faceplate applied for 7 and 8 is buffing I believe! 
  9. Ultrainferno
    1. Order Received
    2. Impressions Accepted 
    3. Impressions detailing?
    4. Impressions trimmed
    5. Shells poured
    6. Assembled
    7. Faceplate Applied
    8. Graphics completed
    9. Buffing Completed
    10. Shipped
    My V6S just went from 6 to 8: Graphics Applied
  10. JMK420
    Just received my 1964 IEM's! V6Stage!
    I ordered carbon faceplate with my name as a logo! :D
    The box and items are top notch quality! I am really happy with them, started playing around with them, with and without a DAC and I notice all the differences....
    Just a question for you guys, when you first start using it does it hurt your ear a little? Right now seems like it hurts a bit.... Do I need to get used to it? 
    Thanks :D
    MistahBungle likes this.
  11. s0c9
    If you are not used to, nor have ever used CIEM molds, then yes, they may take some getting used to but.. not long.
    You might feel some initial discomfort, but they shouldn't "hurt".. they can be annoying if you've been wearing them for an extended length of time, but the whole point behind getting impressions made is that the resulting molds you get should FIT your ear like a glove, and be comfortable.
    Give it a few days. Extend the amount of time they are in your ears each day. If they hurt after a couple of minutes, or hurt enough to cause you to remove them after 15 min or an hour, and you can't wear them for a longer stretch each day, then you will need to contact 1964's customer support (Alex?) and talk to them/him about sending them back for a refit.
    PS: Those ears look sweet !!
    PPS: Mine have been in "IMPRESSIONS TRIMMED" state for 3 days now... hope to see a status change today.. soon?
    UPDATED: spelling, grammar
  12. fluffyberry
    nice one, hope you like 'em
  13. jfreas
    Mine changed from impressions trimmed to shells poured after 5 days...I've been on shells poured for 2 days
  14. slash
    Well, where to start.
    1964 Ears is laughable, that is my experience, let me explain before I shut the door and hopefully prevent someone from the same experience.
    I attempted to contact them for a demo Mid December by phone and eMail, (tomorrow is February) weeks went by until I received an apology from Alex in Marketing and Sales saying he would arrange a Demo.  That was after my original phone call went unreturned, with a further two week eMail response delay.  I was actually pleased with their eMail contact, hey maybe they are able and willing.  I then decided to place an order rather than wait for the demo, they seemed real at this point.  So, I had my impressions made and as advised I sent photos as instructed, they said they would advise if the impressions were acceptable.  Well, since January 10th, nothing, nada, zilch, from the eMail I sent to the attention of Alex Polyakov in S&M, zero response as of today the end of January and my patience for a company who rely upon service, because after all it is all about CUSTOM, no off the shelf.
    Seems to me the company is too busy or too disorganized to deal with buyers.  As of today I will not follow through to purchase because I am concerned that not only do they not respond to requests, 1964 DeafEars likely will have many other delays as many other frustrated potential CIEM buyers have written about here on the Head-Fi "1964 DeafEars Appreciation Thread" HA!  I figure when and or if there is a problem with the product they likely will not effectively deal with it.  
    Let's face it, if they have already taken your money and spent it, the rest simply chews into their profit.  NO, this company has had 7 weeks to reasonably respond with only delays and silence, other than the noted return eMail response from S&M.
    Good luck to anyone choosing to buy this product, I can certainly advise there is no service!  Beware of 1964 DeafEars, I vote NO!
  15. ScreenKiller
    no that didn't happen to me. if i were you i would use them a couple days more and if it still hurts i would call 1964 and a reshell.
    anyway enjoy!
    really like the foam padding inside the box that comes with the newer ones. mine didn't :S
    sorry to hear, my experience was actually quite pleasing. i ordered a v3 called them once whether they had my impressions and money they said yes. 4 weeks later tada! v3 arrived.
    but you need to understand they are a small company and demand is high. they don't even have a employee sitting behind a desk picking up the phone. you just need to call now and then and try to reach them. 
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