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1964 Ears

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  1. voldak
    I keep checking it like a fiend. I've been using stereo isolation headphones at live gigs and i'm tired of being called "Princess Leia" at gigs, lol. I imagine that yours will update soon. Mine has been right at 2 weeks. I'm expecting that this is part of the normal update procedures, because I received an email 2 weeks ago stating that my payment and impressions were good and my order was being added to the queue. I wouldn't worry too much, just keep checking on it.
  2. s0c9
    Yeah, that's [anxiously and impatiently] what I've been doing, since there was no indication of the build time in any communication.
    I only figured out that it would be a couple of weeks before something happened because someone put a pic up on 1964's Facebook page showing their order at "stage 9". That pic had a message displayed on the persons order page that said:
    "NOTICE: Due to the nature of the production line at our lab, you might not see any status changes for the first 1-2 weeks after placing your order (payment and impressions received). This is normal, as most of the work is done in the last 2 weeks of the waiting period. thanks you for your understanding."
    I do NOT have that message displayed on my order page, so it was VERY informative !!
    UPDATE: Got an email from Alex saying that the new web site needs to be updated with the above message, and that build time is about 4-5 weeks.
    UPDATE: Status changed to "IMPRESSIONS ACCEPTED".. this morning. Dang, I'm an impatient puppy [​IMG]
  3. Ultrainferno
    yeah, it took one week to go from trimming impressions to shells poured. I'm thinking it'll take a few more weeks
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  4. JMK420
    Just got an e-mail from 1964 ears!
    Hi Jeff, Yes we do have your order in the rush queue. We’ve been fixing some of the kinks with the status updates but your IEMs are being made and your order is scheduled to ship Tuesday the 28th.
    Woo!!!, mine is scheduled to be shipped :) I'm damn excited!
    But seems like their site update is just a bit behind :) Keep your heads up! 
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  5. jakeGListen
    1964 fans attention. I was attending NAMM Yesterday and had the privelage of hearing a prototype of a new 1964 V8. That's right V8. It is going to be loaded in a 3 way configuration with quad lows dual mids and dual highs it was interesting. Don't want to say too much since it is a prototype and not a production model. However I will say that this is an exciting sounding IEM warm sound signature with smooth highs. They are not going for a reference flat response with this IEM.
    Also had a chance to listen to Roxanne from JH Audio and UE 18 pro
  6. Levanter

    how does it compare with JH16 and other similar customs?
    Tempted by also considering holding out till they release their hybrid version..
    Yes a hybrid 1964 is in the plans :)
    Though I think that will take quite long to be released..
  7. jakeGListen
    Well I have the jh16 jh3a combo so I am familiar. I actually preferred the top end of the v8 in a quick listen of bits and pieces of 6 or 7 tracks. The reason I preferred the v8 top end is because for me sometimes jh16 get sibilant and have a couple high frequencies that bug me personally. The v8 seemed more to my preference on the top end. However on the bottom end the V8 had what sounded to me to be a bump in the 200hz to 300hz area that bugged me a little bit. It was not apparent on all tracks but on tracks that had a lot of material in that range it bugged me a little bit. However I like to listen at lower levels than most and at my normal listening levels it was pleasant. However I am a drummer too and when I turned up to playing volumes the bump was noticed. That's my 2 cents but you have to take into account that I was listening in the Truth Drums display booth not ideal circumstances for critical testing by any means and I wAs listening to a prototype not a production model so for what it's worth.
  8. Ultrainferno
    They must be reading. Status says "Assembled"!
  9. voldak
    Well, if they are listening (watching) I'll post more. My status just hit "Impressions Trimmed" today. I'm seeing the overall status bar, but i've heard people in the past talk about the status as in "step 4 of 10", etc. How many steps are there total in the process?
  10. m3ow
    Source from FB 
    1964 EARS Hi Amos, our currently build time is 4-5 weeks.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 08:09
    And also got a reply from FB 1964 EARS
    Yes we have a new IEM model that is in the works and will be revealed later this month.
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  11. fluffyberry
    woah a V8?! sounds awesome cant wait hahah
    please oh please let them settle on a production model soon :)
  12. revolutionz
    Also interested in the v8.  Looking for something to compliment my SE846's, in a CIEM flavor, and just haven't seen anything that excites me much.  Looking forward to more impressions of the v8, that might be the winner for me.
  13. rawrster
    I don't have any ciem with a bass emphasis like I'm expecting the v8 to be so this is definitely something I should consider. I guess it's time to save up.
  14. ScreenKiller
    i know the v8 is coming but i have to draw a line. there is so much money going in this and im only 17 my funds arent as big as most of yours.
  15. JMK420
    I don't know how I feel about the v8 coming out.... I bought V6S happy about it being pretty new and good but when the v8 going to come out... It's going to make me want the new one due to the "More bass emphasis" 
    I have just spent 1k+ on a set of IEMS and knowing that it will be obsolete.
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