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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    How is it obsolete?
    People have known about the V8 for a while and the focus is on different areas. I'm guessing the V8 will be an upgrade for those who are into a signature like the Quads while the V6 Stage is for those who want a tad more bass than something like a V6. Actually I have a bunch of different iems and despite them all I don't find the V6 Stage obsolete against any of them.
  2. drm870
    That's why I'm secretly hoping this "new IEM" is the long-awaited V4 (though I'm not holding my breath). Or maybe one of the other IEMs discussed here, like the hybrid design.
    In any case, it's almost the end of the month, so they're running out of time. [​IMG]
  3. fluffyberry
    We're in the same boat, im in exactly te same position...
    So many choices, so little cash
    The life of a teenage headfier
  4. JMK420
    Just wondering, haha won't ever know until you try it right?
    Just going to be mad if I like the 8 better.... but lets hope it won't come out soon :p and I didn't read enough to know there was an 8 coming.
    Also wondering, what do you guys use for amps ?
    I want something that I can use portable with my iphone so not too big to carry along, price range could be $100 - $300.
    I am also looking at the Meridian Explorer but too bad that is a USB one and won't work for my iPhone when on the go, but for my coffee shop posing it would be great :D 
  5. s0c9
    I can assure you that your challenge is not limited to teenage headfier's... 
    some of us older folks don't have the luxury of spending $$ on what we want..
    mortgage, car payment, school loan payments, utilities, spousal units, and so on.
  6. ScreenKiller
    also looking for a amp for my iBasso DX50 - v3's
    JMK you have to draw a line somewhere we all do.
    we can't just put all our money with new IEM's we have to be satisfied with what we have. a lot of people in the word can't even afford these good IEM's.
    just ENJOY!!
  7. revolutionz

    I use a Ray Samuels Audio Shadow paired with my DX50 for my 846's...absolutely wonderful.  Hopefully in the near future I will be trying the 846's out of a protector or lightning to see if I can notice a improvement with a balanced setup.  With my HD700's, I run the DX50 into a RSA Hornet.  Its no desktop rig, but it does damn good with the HD700's.
  8. jonvply908
    Hi folks, sorry to barge in!

    I'm really interested in getting a pair of 1964ears, and I'm trying to decide between the V3 and V6. Obviously if money wasn't a factor I'd go with the V6, but I wanted to ask if the 200 dollar price jump from the V3 to V6 is worth it, or should I go with the V6 stage? I want a really neutral sounding iem because I listen to a lot of different music, and don't dwell on a single genre for too long. 
  9. Levanter

    V6 would be the more neutral option. But you'll be happy with whatever you choose since they are that good.
  10. Ultrainferno
    So no one really knows what the 10 different productions steps are?
  11. JMK420
    If you mentioned earlier I would have taken a look for you, I paid for rush so now I am at faceplates applied! :D 
  12. Ultrainferno
    ok, let's compile it
    1. Order Received
    2. Impressions Accepted 
    3. Impressions trimmed
    5. Shells poured
    6. Assembled
    10. Shipped
  13. drm870
    Mine went straight from #3: Impressions Accepted to #10: Shipped, so that's all I can help you with. (I ordered silicone sleeves, not CIEMs, so that may have been why that happened.)
  14. Ultrainferno
    Thanks! Added.
  15. mechgamer123
    So does nobody have any idea of what CenterDrive™ technology is yet and why they're charging $25 more for it on the V3 and Qi?
    I'm thinking I might just email them and ask them sometime...
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