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1964 Ears

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  1. s0c9
    Same here.. in IMPRESSIONS TRIMMED for 5 days.. today (day 5)  switch to "SHELLS POURED (STEP 5 OF 10)".
  2. s0c9
    With all due respect, yeah where to start. How old are you??
    Reads like a sour grapes/whiney emotional response, and you are posting that here instead of calling them to attempt a resolution????
    How many times did you make the effort to call them?  
    They've answered the phone every time I called. Of course they ARE pacific time, so no-one would be there at 10 am Eastern.
    I've talked with Alex and got emails from him and Rachel - they replied to all mine within 24 hrs.
    Could be they never got your email - it's not infallible you know.
    Based on the research I did (a LOT) before going with 1964, they are small, busy, have a great price:value ratio and a very good reputation, with a 4-5 week turnaround time.
    I ordered mine on the new website on Mon Jan 6th.
    They received impressions on the Fri 10th.  
    I received email notification with order status links on Mon 13th.
    No change for 2 weeks.
    Mon 27th,status changed to impressions trimmed.
    Fri Jan 31st, status changed to shells poured.
    They are on track.
    Did you create an account on their new website?
    Let's see if Alex/Vitaly respond...
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  3. voldak
    Same thing with my order. It's very exciting to see the status change on a refresh lol.
  4. jfreas
    Mine updated quite a bit. After a 3 day wait on step 5 I went to 8 today graphics applied. I'm hoping they will ship on Monday :)
  5. JMK420
    I am going to wear it for a day or two more on longer days to find out :D 
    I guess they upgraded!
    I will decide soon, I actually gotta contact 1964 as well... I noticed a little part of the IEM's carbon is not shiny, might have not been buffed correctly... Going to ask them about that! 
  6. ScreenKiller
    could you show us a pic of that ?
    luckly mine didn't had hotspots or anything at all. 
    i couple monts ago i manage to crack the shell[​IMG]
    so i send them back and they said the damage was not under warranty the said that they would charge me 25 bucks for repairing with will show  some marks. or i could choose for a remold which would cost me a lot more. half the original remold price. which was 125 don't quote me on that.
    i choose the 25 bucks repair option.
  7. s0c9
    Still in "SHELLS POURED (STEP 5 OF 10)" status.. had hoped to see that change today.. 
    Keep my fingers crossed for tomorrow..
  8. voldak
    Mine just jumped to "ASSEMBLED" today at the end of their work day. I'm curious as to how long it will be now.
  9. MistahBungle
    This thread is starting to resemble a maternity ward waiting room :D *gets the cigars ready*
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  10. Ultrainferno
    Mine went to Shipped last night! [​IMG] 
    For those who wonder, here are the steps
    1. Order Received
    2. Impressions Accepted 
    3. Impressions detailing?
    4. Impressions trimmed
    5. Shells poured
    6. Assembled
    7. Faceplate Applied
    8. Graphics completed
    9. Buffing Completed
    10. Shipped
    There are no fixed deadlines for each step, it also depends on the rush orders. So please stop sending me PMs about how long it takes to go from one step to another [​IMG]
  11. Phidailo
  12. vaed
    Hey guys, I'm thinking about taking a dive into 1964 ears, but I've not been much of an IEM guy. Can anyone attest to how, generally, 1964's CIEMs match up to equivalently priced full-sized headphones, specifically orthodynamics?
  13. jfreas
    Wow. 1964 ears could really use some help in the shipping department. Does it really take 4 days to final test and make a case? I emailed yesterday asking when an approximate ship date would be, and they said the order was finished and should ship today...no dice. :frowning2: so bummed. I don't want to speak ill of the company, but it's a little frustrating.
  14. s0c9
    By end of day Thursday, mine will have been sitting as SHELLS POURED status for FOUR days!!
  15. voldak
    Mine were at "Shells Poured" for 5 days (I think). The day after that they changed to ASSEMBLED, then the next day (today) they are on Faceplates Applied. I'm hoping the progress keeps marching on.
    MistahBungle, your comment made me laugh a little too hard. It sounds exactly like that. lol
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