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1964 Ears

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  1. Leywes
    All right guys, Vitaliy contacted me using private message on this forum. Obviously, he read about what I have written recently.
    Technically it was not their fault, because I summited multiple orders without notifying them. (I finally decided to go for V6S instead of V3)
    As a result, my impressions were attached to an abandon V3 order instead of my newer V6S order.
    Therefore, they couldn't find any impressions were supposed to use for my V6S.
    I have to make public retractions of past statements, their customer service is surprisingly well indeed.
    Because I didn't expect Vitaliy would contact me in advance, he also promise me to expedite my order so that I could received them on schedule.
  2. fluffyberry

    faith in 1964ears and Vitaliy restored :)
  3. voldak
    That's awesome news about their customer service. I just recently got my impressions and payment accepted. Now begins the long wait.
  4. Leywes
    I have just received my V6Stage, very high quality build.
    The fit for me is just right, everything sounds clear. 
    But I would like to know, how do you guys know if they are not in a proper seal?
    I tested them with the audio clip in this webpage, I can't hear nothing wrong, does that mean they are properly sealed? Thanks.
  5. In Over My Head

    It seems you have a good seal. Try moving them about or tug on your ear while they are inserted to hear for a difference in sound when the seal breaks. You will know that you have a good seal if you notice the bass decrease when you break the seal deliberately. Conversely, it the bass increases nicely while you are doing this, then you may have some fit issues.
  6. Ultrainferno
    My V6s just finished stage 4, how long would the other 6 steps take more or less? Any idea anyone?
    Thank you
  7. mechgamer123
    So the V3s have new tuning as well? Anyone have any idea what they changed?
    Edit: Looks like it's "centerdrive technology", but what the hell is that?
    Seems weird that the updated the tuning on the Q without just renaming it to the V4...
    Also, I was thinking about demoing the V3s, but why did they double the deposit from $200 to $400 for the V3?
    At that price I may as well buy a used V3 and reshell it if I like it or resell it for the same price.
    Or better yet, just take a bus down to Portland and listen to them in their office. [​IMG]
  8. ScreenKiller
    was wondering about the same thing. "center drive"
    can someone recommend a good amp for my setup?
    1964 ears v3's , ibasso dx 50
    currently looking at Neco Soundlabs Portable V4,jdslabs c5
  9. JMK420
    Hi guys! New guy here :)
    It's been many years since I have spent "actual" money and bought a pair of IEM's, many years ago I had a pair for school and someone stole it from the gym... Since then I have bought some over the counter shures, bose, and beats...
    After many months of searching of what to spend my money on, I narrowed it down to Westone 4R's and I went shopping for them in Asia! I couldn't find a store the let me try it and they updated to the W40.... So I went on Reddit to do some learning and came across 1964 Ears! I then found a dealer in Asia and tried each pair and loved it!
    I ended up buying a pair of V6-S and I am very excited and waiting on them now :)... I have a few issues with the website when adding my artwork (Mainly the sliders since you can't actually get symmetrical size and lining up) but I e-mailed 1964 and hope that they will touch that up for me!
    I was just wondering now, what do I need to know after receiving it?  I remember back in the days I had to "Burn In" my headphones with some type of music (Don't recall which) for hours and hours before using it... I was wondering is that still needed? 
    Also how do I know if my impressions were done right and the headphones fit perfectly for me? I read in this thread that it involves checking if the seal is correct with the test that was posted... anything else?
    Thanks! :D 
  10. mechgamer123
    I'd say in general burn-in isn't necessary on headphones, especially IEMs with balanced armatures.
    1964 Ears actually has some pretty good info on their FAQ page about fit: http://www.1964ears.com/pages/faq
  11. JMK420
    Perfect, then I guess I have to now wait for them to arrive next week! I hope they arrive next week that is! I ordered Rush Processing and I am pretty damn excited.
    The website didn't update my order but I hope they are rushing and have no time to reply me :D 
  12. s0c9
    After a LOT of research (here and elsewhere) I decided on 1964 Quads for live use... (I currently use Westone UM-1's with molded tips)
    Received confirmation on Jan 10th..
    Does anyone know what the current build time is on these?
    I've seen no movement on my acct order page in about 2 weeks..
  13. hejjafish
    I was told 4-5 weeks. I don't think he site updates until the last 2 or so weeks of your wait.
  14. voldak
    I was curios about this too. My order status updated to "impressions accepted" last night. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that my timer just started. I first received my Order received email 2 weeks ago.
  15. s0c9
    OUCH !! 
    And it's 2 weeks tomorrow since order confirmation email arrived... 
    At this rate, I'm looking at a mid-Feb arrival date... ugh [​IMG] 
    Being a first time buyer, I'm OK with the wait time, but given all I've read about their "customer service", they should level set up front.. that way I can ignore the status until around Valentine's day !
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