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1964 Ears

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    What are you planning to upgrade too? I'm still undecided at the moment but need to figure it out by Jan. when my new IEM's arrive.
  2. rawrster
    I'm thinking about going for the Sony ZX1 but I might wait for the Fiio X5. 

    Cool! Yea the Sony ZX1 looks impressive, haven't seen the specs yet on FiiO's X5. It seems I might be waiting a bit longer then I initially intended. Heh guess i will just have to use my iphone and Fiio e07k for a while longer until some of these new devices hit the market.
  4. voldak

    I'm now looking at either the 1964 v3 or the 1964-Q. I'm torn as to which one to get. I've never been a huge "bass head", but I do want to be able to able to hear things the closest to way things will sound on stage. My main purpose is to use this IEM as an on-stage monitor (i'm a drummer). Drums, bass, guitar and vocals will be in my mix. A mixture of Electronic and Acoustic drums will be used.

    I've read a ton of reviews of both and I'm leaning towards the v3s, but I don't want to overlook anything.
  5. MistahBungle
    I guess (given what everyone basically knows about both models) it comes down to:-

    *If you want more bass, get the Quads
    *If you want a more neutral sound, get the V3's

    Based on what people have said about both in this thread.

  6. drm870
    Speaking of Quads, does anybody know when (if) the V4 may be coming out?
  7. L0SLobos
    anyone here have v6?
  8. Levanter

    Yep, what's up?
  9. L0SLobos
    Can you share your impressions with us? It seems most people here only have the dual/triple/quad but not the 6 driver iem. I wonder how they compare to other 6 driver custom iem's. Certainly the pricing of the v-6's is very competitive compared to many other custom in ears companies (alot of 6 driver iem's are $1000+). But how does the audio quality measure up?
  10. Cotnijoe

    I think theres a separate thread for v6 impression. Maybe look that up?
  11. darkwasim786
    Can someone please help me...frm the dap's available which would u reccomend go with the quads the best...i listen to r&b, pop, rap and hiphop mostly abit of rock aswell sometyms
  12. Sonichaos
  13. fluffyberry
    I sure hope they do...although i think someone mentioned rumors of a v8 in this thread before
  14. TimOgawa
    they're still developing the V8 model, they emailed me before I got my V3
  15. santacruise
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