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1964 Ears

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  1. St0rMl0rD
    You and I both :) I will get to hear my V6-Stages on Monday...
  2. darkwasim786
    So guys ive had my 1964 quads for 5 months and love them also have a pair of denon d2000s...love my bass haha
    I now want to buy a portable headphone amp no budget limit and not fiio looking for higher end. Whats amps would you reccomend for my iems and headphones looking for great synergy...plz help also do you think me upgrading the cable on the quads to something like btg or toxic will improve sound quality aswell apart frm durability. 
    Thanks in advance.....
  3. darkwasim786
    oooh also im currently using my htc one as my DAP was wondering what DApP go well with the quads...ready to invest in an entire portable rig now....[​IMG]
  4. voldak
    After reading through several pages of this thread I have decided to go with 1964 for my first pair of CIEMs. I'm leaning towards the 1964-V3. I am a drummer, and I am also new to the world of IEMs. I was wondering what everyone thought of getting the Recessed sockets because I saw somewhere that it would make the IEMs less prone to moisture and damage. Is it worth the $25 cost?
  5. darkwasim786
    i personally didnt bother with them as i dnt think they justify the cost, also if u want a custom cable in the future and its too wide for the recessed sockets a problem. Pros and cons both listed make ur desicion wisely lol
  6. Leywes
    I'm struggling between V6 and V6S.........
    The Stage seems to be more low and mid focus, is that true?
    If I like a more balanced sounding, should I get the V6 instead of the Stage?
  7. Levanter
    The normal V6 is more balanced than the V6S
  8. Leywes
    Thanks Levanter,
    But the V6S is featuring some of the latest technology from 1964. (Triple bore, centre drive, 3D soundstage, 3 way drive...)
    Besides from frequency response, does the V6S have more technological advantages than the normal V6?
    Such as sound stage, definition and clarity etc. 
  9. TimOgawa
  10. ScreenKiller
    hi voldak,
    i own my v3's for around 10 months now.
    i really love them , picked the red color very "common"
    if i had the chance i would definitely pick the recessed sockets.
    the pins bend very easily which means if you happen to put pressure on the plug the pins bend slightly and overtime due to steel fatigue the pins will certainly break.
    i have read ( on this thread) that if that happens all that you have to do is ship your iem's back they will remove the pins free of charge considering you need new cables they do cost 40$.
    but shipping from Holland to the states cost me 30 bucks alone. :S
    My v3's also happen to crack. i don't really know why. but i had to ship them back. they mailed me back and said it doesn't fall under warranty and they had to charge me 25$ to fill the crack or 150$ to completely reshell the left ear. off course i chose the cheaper option and they (according to visual perception) cut off a part of the shell and refilled it with acrylic.
    If anyone want to see some pics i can post them.(currently to lazy)
    but they didn't charge me for shipping back the the netherlands which is already more then 25 $.
    thus far very pleased which my v3 and the customer service which always had been very good.
    they are a tad unresponsive through mail i always called them with a voip program. ( since my provider charge ***load to calls overseas
    this sums up my experience with 1964. any questions left feel free to ask / pm me.
  11. ScreenKiller
    right now i'm using my ipod as dac considering buying a amp+dac combo for my setup. any recommendations?
    currently eyeballing for a c5d.
    does anyone have paired a diem with a afthermarket cable? is it worth it?
  12. voldak
    How would you describe the sound with the V3s? I've read great reviews, but i'm not sure if I should save up for the Quads or go with the V3s.
    Also, I'm also assuming that the recessed socket makes it to where that it's harder for the cable connection to move on the earpiece end? (sorry for the lack of correct terminology)
    I can't wait to get my pair of V6-S next month! Very excited! Anyone have any suggestions about what to pair them with? Thinking the DX100 as a solo unit, or perhaps the V-moda Vamp Verza along with the ipod touch 6th gen.
    Almost forgot, the guys over at 1964 Ears have been great! Have answered my questions promptly and have been awesome with dealing with the graphics i'm using on my new IEM's. Thanks Yana! ^_^
  15. rawrster
    Recessed sockets are where the pins on the monitor side are not flush with the monitor but rather a bit inside. There's a picture here for a better idea: http://www.head-fi.org/t/546734/recessed-sockets-vs-non-recessed-sockets
    I've had great results with  my Fiio X3 although I'm planning on upgrading soon. 
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