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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    I'm getting my V6 Stage back on Wednesday. I hope for no more refits after this :)
    It looks like the price of a remold went up with the website design. I was thinking about getting a remold done and I don't see the custom eartips as an option anymore. Although it looks like they are providing demos of their customs via deposit now so that's good for those who want to try before buying.
  2. drm870
    Prices went up for the V2, V3 and Q as well. [​IMG]
    At least I managed to get my custom sleeve order in before they took the old ordering system down! [​IMG] 
  3. fluffyberry
    yeah i think they increased by about $25 or so...also it looks like they've stopped doing anything to do with silicone. i dont see any offerings for their earplugs or custom sleeves :frowning2:
    oh and does anyone know what the 'i' in the 1964-Qi means? it wasnt in the old version of the quads right?
  4. Levanter
    Is it just me or are the V3 and Q now updated with the Centerdrive technology?
    The V6 appears to be the same without that new tech... could explain the $25 increase in the V3 and Q models..
  5. hejjafish

    The "i" in the Qi indicates the revised tuning of the quads which brought out the mids. They have been shipping them that way for awhile.
  6. drm870
    No custom sleeves listed, as far as I can tell, but if you look in the "Store" section of the site (as opposed to the "Products" section) they list the earplugs under the "Earplugs" tab.
  7. rawrster
    I sent them an email about the sleeves but I'll be pretty disappointed if they don't offer it anymore. That was the cheapest place to get them.
  8. drm870
    Not to mention that they were open to making them for a lot more earphones than the competition.
  9. drm870
    Any updates on an email reply yet?
  10. rawrster
    Nope. Usually it takes a few days to reply to an email and I sent it during the weekend so I'll give it a few more days.
  11. Leywes
    What's going on with them? Order status page not found, email has not replied yet.
    I made a rush order before the Christmas break, and it has been almost 5 business days after they had received money and impressions.
    Does anyone know do I have to queue for a few days to actually enter the building process?
    If not, what's the point of paying for a rush build in 5 business days after "payment and ear impressions received"? 
    Please forgive me for being such an ignorant impatient customer, I really need to get them on schedule.[​IMG]
  12. Leywes
    This is clearly ********, I have received an email from them telling me that they are still waiting for my impressions, which they had already received in December.
    I have no idea what's going with this, very disappointing as a first time customer of a high reputation company, especially well known for their "good" customer service.
    And I'm going to waste a fews days more to wait for their reply, probably I won't get my monitors before deadline.
    If the situation is getting worse, I might as well just simply ask for a refund, and wasted ~$50 for shipping+impressions.
  13. ScreenKiller
    sorry to hear,
    just tell them and give them the tracking code.
    maybe something went wrong?
    their a small company , hard to keep track of things.
  14. drm870
    I will say this: they certainly aren't handling the switchover to their new website/system as well as they could've.
    St0rMl0rD likes this.
  15. rawrster
    I got a reply and it looks like the sleeves are being phased out but I can still order them. I'm not sure if it's because I already contacted them prior to their website change or not however but I'll send out my fa4 to them over the weekend.
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