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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    I'm not the only one who thinks the jh13 is the better ciem. I know joker feels the same and when I spoke to Steve Guttenberg from the audiophiliac he felt the same.
  2. guitargeek
    Hello, can someone who has tried the JH5 and the 1964-D or 1964-V3 do a comparison? Looking to buy a ciem and still undecided.
  3. caracara08
    Im in the same boat.  Trying to decide between the JH5 and V3. I think the V3 will still be more expensive (even with a discount) for the set up I want (ambient ports, aluminum face, recessed sockets).  Would love to hear impressions of those that heard both or is familiar with both.
  4. ScreenKiller
    I have tried the D and own the v3 . Very house , warn custom in ears. D more bassy

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  5. St0rMl0rD
    1964 Ears just posted this on Facebook:
    "1964 EARS will be closed on the 28th and 29th of November. We wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving!"
    They're not making the wait easier for me…Argh :)
  6. kabuljange
    How's the clarity on the D's? I'm debating on which one to get and I feel like the bigger bass driver would drown on all the other freqs. Is this true?
  7. caracara08
    1964 Black Friday discount details are up on their FB.  not live until Friday.   If you dont have fb, its 15% off any V6 or V6stage :frowning2: 
  8. rawrster
    I was hoping for something for like a $50 discount on the rest of their lineup similar to what they did on independence day.
  9. caracara08
    Yeah I was hoping to pick up the v3 =\  
    Oh well, still a great deal for those in the market.  Now, to fight the urge to stretch my budget....
  10. St0rMl0rD
    Hopefully this won't cause the influx of rush orders and delay my order…The deal is so awesome, but I'm still not sorry to have paid the regular price, now just can't wait any longer to get them :)
  11. tke743

    Review of 1964 Ears V6-S (First review here so be gentle).

    Just to preface this, I come from the loudspeaker review world, not headphones or in ears. So let me outline my methodology, testing equipment and some terminology.
    I don’t like purely subjective tests. I like something that can be quantified. So I have created a list of 100 songs that are in both mp3 and FLAC. The key to my testing is to see if I can tell them apart. I have a program that randomly selects either the mp3 or the FLAC and plays them and I have to see if I can score them as lossy or lossless. I am blind to the selection process and only get the score when I’m done. Some of the songs are easy to tell (NIN Pretty hate machine – 1989 version), some are very hard (Any Sting album). The higher a percentage of right answers the better.
    Just to give this some scale, Bose QC2’s score a 55%, my home theater rig (B&W 803D’s X7) scores a 85%, and my music system (Magnapan 3.6’s) scores a 97%. With this grading scale random guessing gets you a 50%.
    Some terms I use:
    Resolution – Can I hear everything.
    Clarity – Can I hear it cleanly.
    Accuracy – Is it flat and as the artist intended.
    Testing Equipment
    Direct digital source to an Emotiva UMC-200 (Great little device)
    Now to the review:
    First off the company has been a joy to work with, I’m newer to the in ear world and they patiently answered all of my questions and helped me through the steps. I had some fitment issues, but these were the result of a bad impression not their issue.
    The work quality is amazing, the production quality is amazing and the accessories are more then adequate. But this is not what I’m reviewing here.
    On to the sound –
    These in ears sound rich and forward, they are crisp in their delivery and not bloated in any range that I could tell.
    Resolution – I ran through the test listed above, and the first time it scored a 92%! This was surprising for something in this price range so I ran the test again and it scored a 91%! So when it comes to the "can I hear everything" these little things are beating out my 803D’s. That is quite impressive.
    Clarity – There is no muddiness to these at all. They sound a bit forward but not even close to shrill. Everything you hear is just crisp and just right there. These things have a soundstage that is hard to believe.
    Accuracy – These CIEM’s are not flat, they do have slightly enhanced base and the treble rolls up, not down. That said, this is also how I tune my Magnapans as this is how I like it. So if you are looking for a flat presentation of EXACTALLY what is on the recording, these will not score well. I for one love the sound profile, so I would give it high scores.
    I have just sent them back in for what I hope to be the final refitting, and I miss them already.

  12. madbrown
    Hey guys, I'm new here and I'm just looking for some help and advice please.


    I've just purchased a set of 1964 V3's in Wine Red with Recessed Sockets and should hopefully get them after Christmas! I'm planning on running them through an iPod Classic 7th Gen listening to a mix of Apple Lossless and Standard 256kbps tracks as well as using them for playing drums live. 


    I'm just curious if I will get the best sound out of my IEM's by doing this? Or will I need to get an amp like a Fiio E12 to use in conjunction with the iPod Classic?


    Thanks a lot! 


    Matt :) 
  13. rawrster
    You would really have to find that out for yourself. Will your V3 sound the absolutely best out of an ipod? The answer is probably no. However there is a tradeoff. Are you will to add additional bulk to your portable rig or buy a higher end dap like something from Hifiman, iBasso, Fiio, etc? For many people including myself I refuse to buy an additional amp that adds another unit with some kind of line out cable that adds more bulk. Of course you can get a better dap but that adds more money to the mix so it is something only you can answer after you get your iems.
  14. Levanter
    iPods SQ is average, using externals will definitely be better than standalone.
    Or you could just get a pure standalone DAP like X3, DX50 or AK100/120 to reduce the bulk.
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  15. madbrown

    Cheers guys! I'll have a listen to them when I get them and see what i think, I'll keep the iPod as the DAC because of the huge storage space, so the most likely option will be to get an external amp most likely a Fiio!
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