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1964 Ears

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  1. jfreas

    Mine went quite fast the last couple days, but since last Friday I have been on step 9. (Granted they are closed the weekend) I was just really hoping for them this week, now it's looking like mid week next week.
  2. JMK420
    St0rMl0rD likes this.
  3. s0c9
    I will.. when they arrive!
    Went thru part of it with over-the-ears phones, and it wasn't that spectacular... much like someone sitting there and panning the sound left-to-right and back... maybe the 3D aspect will be better with CIEM's... [​IMG]
  4. Ivabign
    Do they make Universal versions of their Quads? I don't see pricing or availability on their website... the reason I ask is below.
    I was scanning ebay for cables and anything interesting headphone related and saw that someone is selling a universal Quad - the funny thing is, when you blow up the picture to check condition - it clearly states "demo" on it...
    Did someone "lose" their demo in the mail?
    Some people....
  5. s0c9
    They don't make Universal versions of any of their products AFAIK !
  6. davidcotton
    Actually they do sell universal models of their various models but only if you ask nicely via email.  If you go back as far as around june or july last year in this thread, you'll find levantar and me discussing them.  He went ahead and got a v6 whilst I as normal chickened out (I think it was the possibility of getting whacked for taxes, or my usual uncertainty).  They obviously would prefer to sell customs as that's what they do but they were (don't know if still are) willing at one point.
  7. s0c9
    Cool... I stand corrected...wasn't aware that they did that.. they sure don't advertise the fact, and there's too many freakin' pages on this thread to read them all. However, my small canals is what drove me to customs as none of the universal fit phones work for me.
  8. fluffyberry

    well thats one way to check out the soundstage on any pair of 'phone s:)
  9. St0rMl0rD
    That was crazy! My V6S really have an amazing soundstage...
  10. s0c9
    my order moved to ASSEMBLED today!!
  11. jfreas
    Shipped today!
  12. voldak
    I'm still at Faceplates applied, lol. I was hoping to see some more speedy process today. Maybe they'll ship before the 5 week spot.
  13. jfreas
    Mine shipped exactly at the end of 5 weeks.

    They received my impressions and payment on January 6th and shipped today. Although the order was completed on Tuesday they didn't ship until today.
  14. voldak
    That's good news. My 4 week mark was yesterday. I'm hoping mine will ship this next week.
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