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1964 Ears

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  1. rawrster
    I've gotten a bunch of impressions from multiple people who know what they are doing. I wouldn't worry about it. If it lasts more than say a few days that's when I would start worrying
  2. Auditore
    Originally Posted by TimOgawa View Post

    UM3X is more aggresive and it has a forward vocal sound than V3, While V3 have the advantage on mids and bass

    Thanks alot for your help!
  3. Kamakahah
    If anyone has tried or plans on trying a Fiio X3 or ibasso DX50 with a pair of V3's, I'd love to know how they pair.
    Been considering both while the V3s I ordered are being assembled.
    I know a few people mentioned that they will be pairing those daps with the V6 and other models, I'm also interested in hearing how that turns out.
  4. Levanter
    V6 through X3 pairs quite well. As you know X3 is warm sounding with abit more emphasis on the sub bass and bass part. Hence clarity and clean details are still there, but not as prominent as DX50 or AK100.
    X3 would make your IEM more engaging and fun sounding while still maintaining some level of critical listening. But if you want pure reference and critical listening then DX50 would be a better choice. The AK100 would probably be in the middle, not as bright sounding as DX50 but has the details and musicality needed from both sides.
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  5. TimOgawa
    V3 goes to DX50 for me. If the V3 goes to X3, the sound will be mixed up and its not that detailed
    V6 goes to X3 or AK100
    Q goes to DX50 or AK100
    V6S goes to AK100
    ^thats my reference okay (cause I'm the 1964 Ears Consultant at Headfonia Store in Indonesia (Jakarta))
    please visit www.headfonia.com/store/
  6. Levanter

    Are you sure about V6S with AK100? Someone earlier mentioned that with the AK100 impedance issue the bass for V6S rolls off big time.

    Btw are you able to get a frequency chart for V6 through AK100?
  7. TimOgawa
    @Levanter: I had no bass roll of on the AK100 with the V6S, every person that came to the store and try the V6S universal demo with the AK100 is speechless and one of their comment is that "it is a perfect blend of technology, I feel like in Madison Square Garden when I close my eyes, the imaging and detailing is really great!" 
    I heard the bass roll off in the X3, not in the AK100 and DX50 (I listen to the V6S and AK100 everyday in the store)
    sorry I don't have the instrument to get the frequency chart of V6 through the AK100
  8. Levanter

    How about the normal V6 with AK100? How does the pairing for both of that compare with the V6S and AK100?

    I have the normal V6 and AK100, and was wondering if you think the synergy is as good compared to the V6S.
  9. TimOgawa
    For me the V6S have more Synergy and Imaging with AK100. While the V6 is Synergy also, with lots of Detailing that came from AK100 :) 
  10. MistahBungle

    You obviously know your stuff (like a lot of people here), what source would you suggest for the V3 ? I'm currently using a Cowon X9 which is not too shabby at all, but I'm looking to upgrade early in the New Year. Thanks.
  11. tm.chen
    My on the go setup, AK100 with the V6 works very well together despite the output impedance.
    When paired with the mass-kobo 385 for home listening, it is just heavenly.
  12. Levanter
    though i did notice a drop in bass with normal eq without boost... 
    i had to use at least pro eq or pro eq /w boost to get back my bass 
  13. TimOgawa
    I'm currently ordering the V3, in the store I love to use the V3 universal demo with DX50 or the AK100 (of course I will pick the AK100, but I don't have enough money to grab it). but it is based from my ears, you should try the AK100 and DX50 (Its not recommended to use the X3 because there's to much bass in it and it is not detailed)
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  14. creamsoda
    Hey TimOgawa,  I see you have the V6-Stage universal demo.  Just wondering if you had any impressions on how they are imaging, soundstage, and instrumental separation wise compared to the Quads (which i currently have) and the v6 (the comparison that most people will be looking at).  Or any popular universals matched up to the V6stage would be great too!
  15. MistahBungle
    Thanks for your thoughts Tim :wink: Yeah, I'm thinking the AK100 (the AK120 & DX100 might be a little more than I'm prepared to spend), but was (still am ?) concerned about all the stuff I've read here/elsewhere re: the impedance thing.

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