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1964 Ears

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  1. GoodenoughLa
      I'm still waiting for my v6-stage. Before I get it, I would like to ask some question.
    I'm a half basshead. I'm not only prefer the quantity of the bass but the quality. Will the v6-stage fit my requirement?
      Also, I'm afraid that will the v6-stage hard to drive? I don't like to take other equipment like amp or dac out.
  2. TimOgawa
    V6S is not CIEM for a basshead (the only basshead CIEM in 1964 Ears is the Quad), yes the V6S will fit your requirement, and the V6S is also sensitive to any kind of DAP (not too sensitive) 
  3. aamaterasu
    was told that my custom will probably ship today after about a month plus of waiting. It is perfectly resonable and i just hope that i will be able to receive it on monday. tuesday is holiday here for us:frowning2:

    wish the v6s can blow me away:)
  4. chezhed
    I just placed my order for a few items. 
    1. V6-Stage (I already have the Quads but could not resist.)
    2. Schiit Bifrost (Uber plus the USB) I will be pushing some 24/176 and 24/96 resolution files through it. 
    My question is on the amplification side. Right now I will be hooking up the Bitfrost to my Meier Aria amp using the RCA inputs but since it is so dated I was not sure if I should upgrade the amp too. 
    Any thoughts? 
  5. TimOgawa
    Ordering the V3 now but I still think that I have special bond with the V6S universal demo's in Headfonia Store :)
  6. Kamakahah
    Just curious. Did anyone ever get updates on the production of their units or simply a shipping number when it was on its way?
    Mine have only been in the queue for about 2 &1/2 weeks. I just got busy and forgot about it, but now that I remembered I'm curious.
    Don't feel the need to bother asking them, but I know of some companies that send updates or have it in accounts, etc. 
  7. funglouis
    I think you need to call them. They will not send you updates unless your order is ready to ship. When I was waiting for my quad, I called them to check on the progress.
  8. Kamakahah
    Thanks for the info. I'll wait until next week and see how it's coming.
  9. rawrster
    I'm on my 3rd week so I'm hoping to hear from them by end of next week.
  10. MistahBungle
    When you get to 4 weeks, you send them an email. Annoying them earlier is childish.
  11. Kamakahah
  12. aamaterasu
    Hi all,

    I just received my v6 stage and these are purely my opinions with no intention to offend anyone.

    First of all, i would give the build quality a 8/10. Overall, it looks pretty ok to me but nonetheless i was a little disappointed. When I first pick it up, I could see some stain ont he faceplate and at the sound bore area. The good thing is that I could remove the stain fromt he faceplate but the one from the sound bore looks like it is within the arcylic itself. It might even be a scratch when the drill hole is being made. But all in all, the rest of the shell looks rather well built.

    As for the sound quality, it did not really blow me away. In fact, I was a little disappointed that it sounded rather similar to my previous se215. But note that i am using a phone with spotify as a source. Maybe I held too high a expectation when i last heard a jh13 from my ipc running flac a few years back.

    I will compare it again after I get a proper source.

    Peace out

    MistahBungle likes this.
  13. Levanter

    JH13 and V6S both have entirely different signature. Not much of a comparison for that. If you prefer the 13 you should have went for the the normal V6. And yes, your source/DAP plays significant role in the sound you get, so to get the best sound from your V6S you could use a better DAP and source.

    On a side note, you should email 1964 of your complain. They have one of the best customer service around.
    MistahBungle likes this.
  14. Coasterjeffry
    PLEASE do a quad vs. V6s comparison when you get yours.   I've had quads for about 3 years or so.   Fit's not as tight as it used to be and am considering V6s.   I LOVE the Quad bass and am wondering how V6s compares..... THANKS!
  15. Jazzkammer

    Though I welcome criticism of 1964's Ciems, since they are not without flaws, we should be comparing $700 IEMs to other $700 IEMs here, not $1k+ ones. Having said that, the original v6 (not the v6s) is supposed to be very close to the jh13 in sound signature and performance, but it is totally expected for it to fall short.
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