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1964 Ears

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  1. lauraar90
    light blue with a smoke colored canals, the art work is very well done and looks a lot better in real life than the flash photo gives it credit
  2. lauraar90
    So far all I have noticed is the bass is not as strong as I would of hoped, however the mids are very forward and smooth and liquid, great for vocal trance.
  3. creamsoda
    hey lauraar90, just wondering what day you got the confirmation from 1964 that they added your order to the queue after receiving impressions & payment. i think it would be really helpful to all who are anxiously waiting for their orders to have a more accurate ETA!
  4. lauraar90
    I paid for rush....I live in sydney australia. They received my order friday...I then paid rush after on monday after reading about the wait. It was made a few days later and sent that friday....I recieved it monday.....so the next business day international postage!!

    Nothing to complain about here but as I said I paid for rush :cool:
  5. aamaterasu
    Had been around 3 weeks and have sent a mail to request for the status of my customs yesterday. Today I received a mail from alex saying that the shells have been made and internal components are being fixed upon.

    Hopefully they are able to send the customs out by friday!!!!
  6. fluffyberry
    which model did you order?
  7. aamaterasu
    I ordered the v6 stage. Hopefully no refit...
  8. rawrster
    I'm hoping for that as well. The refit is why I only deal with companies located in the US now. It's just such a pain when you have to deal with refits and shipping time.
  9. In Over My Head
    Please don't mention refit, you're making me very anxious[​IMG]
  10. chunkystyler
    I'm also really hoping to have no fit issues. I only put in the order for the v3 today though. 
    Had ear impressions done for the first time ever. Dunno why, but it was pretty painful for me. It got to the point where I was wondering if the audiologist knew what she was doing. No one else seems to complain on here though.. Maybe it's just me. 
  11. rawrster
    If you are not used to it then it could be painful since it's going much deeper in your ear than  you are accustomed to. The same can go for your customs when you receive it. However it shouldn't be painful to the point where you can't bear it.
  12. vincent215
    When I did my imrepssion for the first time, I had some pain too. And my result is my CIEM doesnt fit me well neither, however, it was done by a local resheler, not 1964 ears. I hope 1964 have better knowledge to resolve it.
  13. Kamakahah
    You shouldn't experience any pain at all. Pain is a sign that something is wrong or being done incorrectly.

    Impressions should be a completely painless process.

    Now, if you were having your ears cleaned with a scraping tool first and that is what hurt then that's another story. But the actual impressions should be totally painless.
  14. chunkystyler
    Hmmmm... Now I'm not sure what to think lol. It hurt the most when the dams were pushed at the deepest inside the canals. 
    So as rawrster said, maybe I just wasn't used to having things so deep inside (lol), or could it be possible that they were pushed too far inside? My ears weren't cleaned beforehand, and afterwards felt quite sensitive/funny for the rest of the day. 
    1964 said they looked fine, so maybe it's just me and I need to suck it up. 
  15. creamsoda
    coming from someone who has experienced similar, for two impressions, don't worry about it. my audiologist pushes the dams way past my second bend (for a great mold) and the tissues are sensitive there.  i guess it was like a dull sting but nothing unbearable, maybe worth a small wince.  if the soreness/funny feeling doesn't clear up in the next couple of days, be on the lookout for symptoms of infection.  it was more sore the first time because she used foam dams and they're rougher.  the second time she used cotton dams and that was much better.
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