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1964 Ears

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  1. fluffyberry
    Hope you like em
  2. rawrster
    I just got notification that they got my impressions and out me in the queue. Now the month or so wait... :)
  3. chunkystyler
    How many IEMs do you have arriving? I've seen you in sooooo many IEM threads haha.
    Any idea how often 1964 have sales? I'm hoping for a pair before Christmas :)
  4. rawrster
    I think they have sales every once in a while on their facebook page on the big US holidays like labor day, christmas, etc.
    I have 2 iem's arriving. This and the Jh13.
  5. mBcHc

    Will there be any comparison with both of them when they were arrived ?
  6. rawrster
    That goes without saying but both will be around a month. The audiologist I got them through said the wait was roughly 30 days. I do hope sooner but no rush for me
  7. Serenitty
    So in my continuing enjoyment of my V6's I mowed my lawn Tuesday night.  This used to be a process where I would wear my TF10's with a pair of earmuffs over them for sound isolation.  The earmuffs were definitely needed, I really don't listen to music too loudly. 
    Now with the V6's, I tried taking the earmuffs off, and with music playing, I can't tell the difference between earmuffs off and on.  I can't actually hear the lawn mower except in the silence between tracks.  And then, not that much...
    So I guess I'm saying that if you have good impressions, 1964ears will do a really good job of matching them, I've had no fit issues and the sound sealing is more than impressive.  I am looking forward to my next trip to Japan, it was pretty decent with my TF10's, I expect it will be better with the V6's.  Except for the announcements, they were so loud compared to the movies they hurt.  I'm sure it's going to be worse with the V6's...
  8. rawrster
    That's great. It's always nice when you are happy with something you paid good money for.
  9. In Over My Head
    Glad you like your 1964. That is impressive to block out most of a lawn mower sound.
    I really should unsub (but probably won't) from this thread as it just serves to remind me that I have placed an order, when I'm really trying not to think about it. I can't help worrying about possible fit issues, as I have narrow ear canals. I find the Klipsch x10 small tips are a snug fit. 
  10. creamsoda
    got v6-stages on the way, oct. 9 will be the 15th business day since they've received my impressions and payment!  we'll see how they compare to my quads when they come in mid-october.
    speaking of which, do you guys speculate that Vitaliy may have acquired a set of freqphase jh13/16s before he set out to design the v6-stages? what other triple bore CIEMs are on the market?
  11. rawrster
    It's possible so who knows. I'm sure companies buy products from their competitors to see what they are working against and see if they need to improve their offerings or not
  12. squallkiercosa
    Thanks to reshelling UM, 1964 (to mention a few ones) know which drivers JH, UE, Westone use, their crossovers, tubes, filters and exhaustively test them... In other words, we're giving vital information about their competitors and paying them. I wouldn't be surprised if the V6 are not that far from the JH13 or the UM miracle...
  13. rawrster
    I think that depends on what kind of patents the companies have on their products. I expect the v6 and v6 stage to be very close to the jh13 or 16 but not quite there
  14. Kamakahah
    Like others, I locked in the labor day sale price. Getting the V3. Will be my first CIEM. It was between 1964 ears and Cosmicears. The distance and sale price sold me on the 1964s.

    Just got the email saying they have everything and I'm now in the queue. Very excited.

    My audiologist has done quite a few impressions for 1964 and actually had me deviate from the instructions with the bite block since he had another method that he said has better results.

    Time to forget all about them and be pleasantly surprised when they finally arrive.
  15. Friskyseal
    What was the other method?
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