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1964 Ears

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  1. TimOgawa
    Guys, What Aftermarket cable that good for the 1964 Ears V6-S?
  2. Auditore

    Hello everyone? Is anyone here able to help me?I would like to know how the 1964V3 compares to the westone UM3X. Thanks for any help
  3. TimOgawa
    UM3X is more aggresive and it has a forward vocal sound than V3, While V3 have the advantage on mids and bass
  4. Fizz
    If you're looking for budget builds then BTG Audio and Headphone Lounge have some good options although they use memory wire. You can also get a Beat Audio Sapphire from custom-iem.com for about $99usd and it's my preferred cable since it uses overmoulding as opposed to memory wire.
    If you're looking for more more "premium" options then Double Helix Cables offers some well received ones as does PlusSound. Moon Audio also has the Silver Dragon which seems well liked. 
  5. chunkystyler

    I'm very interested in the v3 as well. What do you mean by the advantage?
  6. creamsoda
    i won't be able to answer that for you, but i when i compared my quads to the um3x, the quads were incredibly v-shaped compared to the um3x, which by comparison was boosted in the mids by quite a bit.  you could also either say the um3x had recessed treble or the quads had boosted treble, most people would go with the former as the quads aren't supposed to have that much treble in the balance for stage monitoring purposes.
    I also read somewhere in the 1964ears facebook page photo comments that 1964 tuned the quads for more mids about half a year after i bought my set in september 2011.
    anyhow, here's Steve Guttenberg's impressions on the 1964 v6-stage, and probably the only direct comparison between that and the freqphase JH13.
  7. In Over My Head
    Thanks for the link creamsoda.
  8. TimOgawa
    how about the Moon audio Black Dragon?
  9. rawrster
    I hope to have my own impressions of the V6 Stage and JH13 soon :)
  10. anoxy
    Hmm, is there any sort of 'upgrade' offer to go from V6 to V6-stage?
  11. creamsoda
    i'm 95% sure not, because of the new center drive bass drivers and different crossovers.
  12. lauraar90

    V6-stage arrived today...pics above. Loving it so far...will be posting impressions shortly
  13. Kamakahah
    Those look sweet. Gratz.
  14. In Over My Head
    Looks awesome:) Enjoy, and please report.
  15. aamaterasu
    What colours are those shells? How many business days since you first sent your impression?
    Waiting for impressions~:D
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