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1964 Ears

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  1. tke743
    I hate this.These V6 Stage's sound so good that I'm wearing them on the plane even if they don't fit. Clenching my jaw is worth it for this sound.
  2. MistahBungle
    Get the fit issue sorted before you end up regretting it later & end up having to pay to get it sorted.
  3. tke743
    I will as soon as I get home. They arrived as I was leaving and I grabbed them. (I'm not known for my ability to resist temptation.)
  4. spriest

    Lol nice.
    Expecting I will get mine on early October or November.

    Hong Kong customers need some love...

  5. rawrster
    I sent off my impressions today. I didn't have paper with me to write down my name so used the receipt lol

    On another note I left the audiologist with a lot less in my bank than expected. she was a JHaudio dealer so got the jh13 too lol
  6. Donnie Darko
    Hey folks this is a little random, but I'd like to inquire whether or not air bubbles in custom IEMs are a big deal when it comes to build quality, and if any of you have found any in your 1964 Ears (or other custom IEMs)?
  7. rawrster
    air bubbles are fine
  8. lxl88
    How long did you guys waited for the v6-s? I made my payment on 23 Aug (this is my 3rd time ordering from them and my impressions are already with them) and was told that I have to wait for 3 weeks. It would have been the 5th week by next Monday. This is getting really frustrating as I had emailed them a week ago stating that I need them urgently as I will be going on long holiday by next Friday and they said that they will try to do that. I highly doubt that they even tried to expedite my order and now it has been overdue. The reason given was overwhelming of rush orders which I feel could be controlled. My previous order only took 13 days from the point that I make payment to having the iems shipped out. Ultimately disappointed in their customer service.
  9. aamaterasu
    I made payment on the 3rd and they received my impressions on the 11th. Hopefully, mine won't take as long because I cannot even sit still now waiting for my custom! Hopefully no refit....touch wood
  10. MistahBungle
    If they were that urgent, you should have paid for a rush order. If you pay for normal processing, you're subject to whatever their workload is at the time. Why should they expedite your order given you've paid for normal processing, putting people who had entered the queue before you & also paid for normal processing at a disadvantage because you need them 'urgently' ? (A: They shouldn't & haven't).

    davidcotton likes this.
  11. meat01 Contributor
    They told him it would be 3 weeks.  Why would you pay for a rush if you were told they would be delivered before you left on holiday?
  12. MistahBungle
    1) Did it not occur to you that rush orders (for which people pay to gain the privilege of) push ordinary orders back further in the queue ? Thought not.

    2) They've made it perfectly clear time & again that build guides are indicative only.

    The bottom line is, if you have a deadline, you pay for a rush build. If you don't, tough ****. All bets are off.
  13. lxl88

    I enquired about the build time prior to my order and was also given the same answer which was 3 weeks. This was the reason that I placed my order thinking that the iems will reach in time before the trip. The previous two orders that I placed with them was so smooth that my iems even arrive before the expected time. After placing my order, I sent them various emails about the build time. 1st was 3 weeks, then 4weeks than the last one was by the fifth week. Does customers under normal orders deserve to be treated like that? As you can see. I gave some leeway to the 3 weeks time frame that they indicated. So customers going under rush orders are the kings and those under normal orders ought to resign to fate by have their orders pushed back again and again? I know that they make more money with rush orders but that shouldn't result in normal orders being compromised. There should be a balance between both.

    The reason I didn't pay for rush order is because the normal order time frame was still acceptable for me and I will still be able to receive my iems on time even if they were late by week.
  14. MistahBungle
    From the 1964Ears website FAQ's:-

    'The build time is a rough estimate and your order may be delayed by rush orders or refits entering the queue. If you have a deadline for your order we recommend you use the rush build option'.

    The end.
  15. AxelCloris Administrator
    As of this evening I am joining the ranks of 1964 owners. Grabbed a pair of 1964-Q from a fellow head-fi'er this evening. Next step once I get them, ship them off for molding.
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