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1964 Ears

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  1. TimOgawa
    The imaging and the 3D soundstage in the V6-S is just awesome (for me, the 3D soundstage beat the JH13 Freqphase). The quad is like more mixed up and bassy CIEM, while the V6-S have these 3D Center Soundstage signature which I like (soundstage is compare able to FitEar ToGo334) and the bass is really good (not too bassy, its like detailed and accurate type of bass). Now talking about the instrument separation..... ITS AWESOME, it has really good instrument separation, if you use good format (like 24/192 WAV or FLAC) you can tell the distance of the instrument by using the V6S. Popular Universal that can match up the V6S: FitEar ToGo334 (little bit bassy than V6S), FitEar Parterre (better instrument sepparation and less bass than V6S), Shure SE846 (little bit Bassy than V6S, less 3D Soundstage, you can change the acoustic filter), AKG K3003 (good instrument separation, little bit analytical than V6S), Sennheiser IE800 (less 3D soundstage and better sparkle sound than V6S) and maybe the new Earsonic S-EM6 (never heard that 6 driver universal IEM). Back to the Quad and V6S. The advantage of Q is bassy thats all. I prefer the V3 than Q
    Price Wise: the V6S is the cheapest among those popular Universal IEM
  2. rawrster
    Are these from a demo or the custom?
  3. TimOgawa
    I don't really care about the Impedance since you can ask people that good in modding the AK100 and tell them to bypassed the ohm. DX100 is also a good DAP for the V3 since it have better clarity than the AK100 and AK120
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  4. TimOgawa
    These are from Demo, the custom is more like "Direct in your face 3D soundstage sound" according to my boss and other people that have it
  5. creamsoda
    wow, i love the thorough response, thanks!!  which earphones do you recommend to people with different tastes, i.e. strengths and weaknesses of the v6s, se846, jh13 freqphase? 
    for me, i want much better imaging (than my quads).  detail and lush shure mids are definitely things that i look for.
    when you get to try all the top end earphones, which one do you reach for and why?
  6. aamaterasu
    Had been 21 business days. Hoping to receive a fedex tracking number soon:frowning2:
  7. Kamakahah
    ouch. sorry to hear it's taking quite a while. Makes me scared how long mine is going to take. I was optimistically hoping for 14 business days. It seems that the hope might as well just be a dream. 
    Did you have custom art on yours?
  8. rawrster
    I would just try to be patient as they probably have a large queue of orders. They had some sales as well as a new product released around the same time so I'm assuming a lot of people ordered around that time. I know I did and expecting around a month or so
  9. TimOgawa
    My ears are fatigue proof, so among the custom and top end earphone I will choose the FitEar Parterre, FitEar MH334, FitEar MH335DW Studio Reference Monitor, Etymotic ER4P and of course 1964 Ears V6S. Why? when you try all of them in just a minute you will see the true side of a song, that's an honest sound come from all of that top end IEM that I choose, but for price wise and sound wise I choose the V6S among all of them :)
    Weaknesses of the V6S is that for some people it might be to harsh for their ears (especially people that like to listen the dark sound of IEM) and fatigue for long time use (not with me though, I'm fatigue proof). Strengths of V6S is of course the perfect 3D Imaging Soundstage Sound and the price :)
    Shure SE846 for me is not worth it, because for me it is just the x10 beefed up of the SE215. But it will not make a person's ears to get fatiguing (I realized that SE846 is more on the dark side of high end universal IEM)
    JH13 Freqphase in Indonesia is very expensive, its like $1500 USD, and they need more power than the SE846 and the V6S (the V6S is the most sensitive among them) the clarity and the speed in the JH13 Freqphase is better than V6S, but in terms of Imaging I still prefer the V6S 
  10. creamsoda
    thanks again for your help, no further questions tim!  you've done all potential customers of 1964 a great service with your comparisons, because impressions of the v6-stage are very rare.  1964 deserves to grow and be promoted seeing as their build quality and customer service is pretty much top notch.
    i hope my pair comes in before my gig on november 1st...
  11. TimOgawa
    thank you @creamsoda, you should buy V6S for christmas present:p
  12. Levanter
    That's weird, I don't see how V6S can be harsh and fatigue when their highs are toned down by quite abit compared to the V6. And V6 highs are non harsh and not fatigue too.
  13. lauraar90
    My v6 stage has lush forward mids and the highs dont suffer. I do however feel the bass suffers from the strong mids and gets put in the back a bit. I was definitely expecting more pronounced lows
  14. aamaterasu
    I ordered a normal one without custom artwork:xf_eek:
    Just sent them a mail this morning asking for status. Hopefully they will get back to me soon.
  15. TimOgawa
    For some people, the V6S can be fatiguing
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